(1985; 1983; PG; 91m)

a.k.a. BOGGY CREEK II (variation)
a.k.a. BOGGY CREEK 2 (variation)
sequel to THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (1972)

Video Ad: "The Legend Too Monstrous To Die...Surfaces Again"

Plot: A scientist and his three students try to capture the Bigfoot of Arkansas.

Prod/Dir/Scr: Charles B. Pierce*
(Grayeagle; The Norseman)
Assoc Prod: Joy N. Houck Jr.
(prod/dir/scr/Night of Bloody Horror)
Cin/Ed: Shirah Kojayan (ed/The Norseman)
Asst Cam: Frank Clingan (also jet skier)
SFX Cos: Bill Khopler
Cos: Patricia Hinds
Cos: Carmen Higgs
Cos: Dorene Hedin
M/U: Pam Pierce (also actor)
Sound Mixer: Greg Pardue (also actor)
Additional Narration: Paul Fisk
(scr/The Day It Came to Earth)
Underwater Diver: Hud Duncan
Mad Dog Provided by:
K-9 Specialists, Paul E. Nelson, Terry F. Pruitt
Score: Frank R. McKelvey (music ed/Midnight Crossing)
Score: Lori McKelvey (TV's Beauty and the Beast)

Prof. Brian C. Lockhart / Charles B. Pierce*
(The Aurora Encounter; Grayeagle; Winds of Autumn)
Leslie Ann Walker / Cindy Butler (Town That Dreaded Sundown)
Tim Thorton / Chuck Pierce (The Winds of Autumn)
Old ManCrenshaw / Jimmy Clem (Grayeagle; The Norseman)
Tanya Yazzie / Serene Hedin (Windwalker; Sacred Ground)
Deputy Williams / Rick "Rock" Hildreth
(Town That Dreaded Sundown)
Otis Tucker / Don Atkins
store keeper / James Tennison
Oscar Culpotter / Charles Potter
Myrtle Culpotter / Pat Waggoner
W.L. Slogan / Charles Vanderburg
boat renter / Mack Pierce
old lady in store / Minnie L. Sessum
man #1 in store / Okley Williams
man #2 in store / Morris Williams
girl at swimming hole / Pam Pierce (also makeup)
jet ski rider / Frank Clingan
hunter / Greg Pardue (also sound mixer)
boy at swimming hole / Charles L. Hopper
adult creature / Fabus Griffin
young creature / Victor Williams

Classic Line: "Maybe there's a manual here to tell us how to do it."

Classic Line: "He's an old man. I believe he's lived on the bottoms all his life."

Classic Line: "These river bottoms are truly a sight to behold."

Classic Line: "I saw the little creature!" "No! No!"

Trivia: This movie was actually the third "Boggy Creek" movie, but it was CHARLES PIERCE's second one on the subject. Since he did not make Return to Boggy Creek, he obviously refused to acknowledge its existence, thus naming his movie Boggy Creek II.

When compared to Boggy Creek II, 1977's Return to Boggy Creek has a lot going for it: it does NOT star Charles Pierce or his whisper thin son, but instead stars Dawn Wells (Mary Ann of TV's "Gilligan's Island") and the troubled, recently deceased Dana Plato (of TV's "Diff'rent Strokes").

Now on to the story of the Boggy Creek monster: it is actually called the Fouke Monster, since it was alledgedly first spotted near the little town of Fouke, Arkansas, near Texarkana. In 1964, rumor has it that Fouke resident James Crabtree reported seeing a big hairy animal and shooting it three times with no effect.

In 1971, another Fouke resident, Bobby Ford, was treated at a hospital for shock and scratches, which he claimed were caused by some sort of huge ape-like creature. Soon thereafter, other people also claimed to have seen the creature or that their livestock were mauled and consumed by it. But the sightings quickly stopped after the sheriff arrested and fined three men for staging and reporting a fraudulent monster attack.

Six months after Ford's incident, a man from Texarkana (yep, you guessed it...CHARLES PIERCE!) announced that he was going to make a movie based on the Fouke Monster. He told the local newspaper that the film would be made on a budget of $160,000 (somebody misplaced a decimal point) and that he wouldn't be surprised if it got some Oscar nominations! (Only if there's a Third Nipple category!) The majority of the Legend of Boggy Creek's cast were local residents, many of whom re-enacted their alledged encounters with the monster.

Today, the only thing that remains of the legend is the Monster Mart located on Highway 71 in Fouke, Arkansas. The proprietors will gladly sell you a souvenir T-shirt and tell you stories about the creature. You can't miss the mart: its sign has a hairy creature riding atop a red razorback boar, the symbol of nearly every sports team in Arkansas. For your convenience, there's a hose near the out-house.

Last Updated: 5/10/1999

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