(1976; NR; 90m)

a.k.a. TRACK OF THE MOONBEAST (variation)

Video Ad: "The Rising Moon Creates A Monster"

Plot: A mild-mannered mineralogist gets hit in the head with a meteor and becomes a mean, giant lizard monster

Exec: Frank J. Desiderio
(A Place Called Today)
Prod: Ralph T. Desiderio
(A Place Called Today; The Abductors)
Dir: Richard Ashe
(asst dir/A Place Called Today)
Scr: William Finger
(K00-The Green Slime; The Snow Devils)
Scr: Charles Sinclair (K00; The Snow Devils)
Cin: E. Scott Wood
Asst Cam: David M. Conley
Stills: Brian Hamill (You've Got Mail; Annie Hall)
SFX Makeup/Monster: Joe Blasco
(mu/811-Parts: The Clonus Horror; 908-The Touch of Satan; Rabid)
SFX: Rick Baker (uncredited)
(sfx mu/*704-The Incredible Melting Man; 1012-Squirm; Ed Wood)
M/U: Talie Cochran a.k.a. Tallie Cochrane
(actor/Five Loose Women; assoc prod/Hollywood High)
M/U: Steve Cochran
Props: Bea Thompson
PMgr/Score Composer/Conductor: Robert G. Orpin
(sco/A Place Called Today; The Abductors)
Music/Sound FX: Harry D. Glass (ed/A Place Called Today)
Sound Rec: Ray St. Clair
Sound Mix: Lee Dichter (You've Got Mail; Men in Black)
M/L: Frank Larrabee
Song sung by Frank Larrabee: California Lady

Paul G. Carlson / Chase Cordell
Kathy Nolan / Donna Leigh Drake
Prof. "Johnny Longbow" Salina / Gregorio Sala
Police Captain Mac / Patrick Wright (The Abductors; Maniac Cop)
Janet Price / Francine Kessler
Dr. Sutton? / Timothy Wayne Brown (Superchick)
Dr. Lawrence? / Crawford MacCallum
Caroline Harris? / Jeanne Swain
Sid Harris? / Alan Swain
Dr. Rizzo? / Fred McCaffrey
Budd Keeler? / Tim Butler (Astroesque; stunts/D.O.A.)
newscaster / Gary Kanin (Young Guns)
lead singer / Frank Larrabee
The Monster / Joe Blasco (also sfx)

Classic Line: "Moonrocks?! Oh, wow!"

Classic Line: "I'd like to get some night shots of this area."

Classic Line: "Oh, don't touch it! Let me do that."

Classic Line: "Come on, Johnny Longbow. I'd like to see you live up to your name."

Trivia: The first letters of the title TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST spell T-O-M-B, if you leave the "the" out.

Last Updated: 6/14/1999

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