Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Short 1012S

1012S - A CASE OF SPRING FEVER (1940; 8m)

Shown with Movie: 1012-Squirm

Short Type: Commercial/Promotional

Plot: A obnoxious springy sprite grants a man his wish that all springs disappear...a wish that he soon regrets.

Prod: Jam Handy Organization
(*423S/424S-Hired! Parts 1 and 2;
*603S-The Selling Wizard;
607S-Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm;
610S-A Young Man's Fancy;
618S-Out of This World)
For: Chevrolet (*423S/424S; American Look)

Characters (actors unknown):
Coily, Gilbert Willoughby

Trivia: This short is a very early example of mixing animation with live action in film. It also has two features common in many industrial films: a product animated with human characteristics and the "what would we do without" theme.

Of course, the springs in this short are of metal, not water, and the story conveniently shows the importance of springs in many mechanical objects, especially the Chevrolet automobile.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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