206 - RING OF TERROR (1962; NR; 72m)

Shown with Short:
203S-The Phantom Creeps, Chapter 3: The Crashing Timbers

Video Ad: "Behold a Ring Forged in Hell from Flaming Molten Fear!"

Plot: Oldish pre-med students dare cold-fish frosh to visit cemetery and steal corpse's ring as a fraternity prank.

Prod: Alfeo Bocchicchio (Snowfire)
Dir: Clark Paylow (prod/Savannah Smiles; Hex)
Scr/Sto: Lewis Simeon
Scr: Jerrold I. Zinnamon (also star)
Cin: Brydon Baker (Return of the Fly)
Ed: Jodie Copelan
(701-Night of the Blood Beast; 706-Laserblast)
M/U: Roland Ray
ADir: Gene La Rouche
Set: Tom Haisch
Score: James Cairncross

Lewis Moffitt / George Mather (Pattern for Murder)
Betty / Esther Furst
Eddie Erwin (623-Amazing Transparent Man; A Date with Death)
Austin Green (Journey to the Center of Time; The Sterile Cuckoo)
Norman Ollstead (The Valley of Decision; Hi Buddy)
Lomax Study (Boeing Boeing; The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit)
Pamela Raymond (North to Alaska; Sanctuary)
Jerry Zinnamon (How to Beat the High Cost of Living)
June Smaney (A New Kind of Love; The Patsy)
Ollie O'Toole (The Oregon Trail; Man's Favorite Sport)
Joseph Conway (prop master/Life 101)
and Ann Morgan; Tom Brandt; Hal Hoover; Charles Martin.

Classic Line: "Puma? Puma? Puma!"

Trivia: The plot of RING OF TERROR was allegedly based on a true incident.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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