(1951; 30m)

Shown with Movie: 317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

Short Type: Educational

Plot: In college, young woman makes friends, while learning the many benefits of studying Home Economics.

Prod: Film Production Unit, Iowa State College

Characters (actors unknown):
Kay, her parents and brother
college pals Jean, Helen, and Louise
high school friend Alice
speaker at school assembly
restaurant hostess Evelyn and her staff
interior designer Joanne and her customer
Bill Johnson and his dutiful wife Carol
home advisor
job placement advisor

Classic Line: "Today I'd like to tell you about several girls I know very well."

Classic Line: "She got a real thrill dropping that letter in the mailbox."

Classic Line: "I'm going to take Foods and Nutrition. Really, I am."

Trivia: Compared with the earlier generation, this short showed the growing variety of (still low-paying) professions women could enjoy, most with domestic overtones. Being a housewife was still the most important job of all. Of course, most female high school grads in the 1950's did not even consider going to college.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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