(re-release title; 1959; NR; 62m)

a.k.a. THE GIANT LEECHES (original)
a.k.a. DEMONS OF THE SWAMP (England)

originally released with Corman's black comedy

Shown with Short:
406S-Undersea Kingdom
Chapter 1: Beneath the Ocean Floor

Ad: "Crawling Horror...Rising from the Depths of Hell to Kill and Conquer!"
Video Ad: "Before the Turtles, there were the Leeches. These suckers were big, and they were MAD!"

Plot: Giant leeches kidnap bayou folks and suck them dry in their underwater cave.

Exec: Roger Corman (618-High School Big Shot; 701-Night of the Blood Beast; dir/*311-It Conquered the World; 315-Teenage Caveman; 317-Viking Women; 503-Swamp Diamonds;
511-Gunslinger; 806-The Undead; H01-The Day the World Ended)
Prod: Gene Corman*
Dir: Bernard L. Kowalski*
Scr: Leo Gordon (Wasp Woman; actor/615-Kitten With A Whip)
Cin: John Nicholaus (618/701; Thundering Jets; Tank Commandos)
Ed: Carlo Lodato (618; Wasp Woman)
Cos: Ross Sturlin (also actor; *315/701)
Cos: Guy Buccola (also actor)
Cos: Ed Nelson
(actor/315/503/701; K15-Superdome; 814-Riding with Death)
Asst Dir: John Chulay (Kelly's Heroes)
PMgr: Jack Bohrer (701; asst dir/315/317)
ADir: Dan Haller (701; 509-The Girl in Lovers Lane)
Props: Richard Rubin (607-Bloodlust; Funny Girl)
Sound: Al Overton (313-Earth Vs. the Spider;
902-The Phantom Planet; 912-The Screaming Skull)
Score: Alexander Laszlo
(701; 413-Manhunt in Space; 417-Crash of Moons; Forbidden Island)

Steve Benton / Ken Clark (524-12 to the Moon; South Pacific)
Liz Walker / Yvette Vickers*
Nan Grayson / Jan Shepard (King Creole; Sabre Jet)
Cal Moulton / Michael Emmet* (701; 112-Untamed Youth)
Dave Walker / Bruno VeSota (511; *307-Daddy-O;
515-The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman; 806-The Undead)
Sheriff Kovis / Gene Roth (*313; 414-Tormented; 419-Rebel Set)
Doc Grayson / Tyler McVey (701; The Day The Earth Stood Still)
Lem Sawyer / George Cisar
(522-Teen-Age Crime Wave; TV's Dennis the Menace)
Slim Reed / Daniel White (Ma Barker's Killer Brood; The Yearling)
young bearded loafer & leech / Ross Sturlin (*315/317/701)
Deputy Morton & leech / Guy Buccola
Old Sam / Joseph Hamilton (315; The Plunderers; Cat Ballou)

Trivia: The exterior swamp shots were done at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California, where shots for TV's Fantasy Island were also done. Some of the cast were almost electrocuted on the movie set when a water tank full of actors collapsed.

GENE CORMAN, Roger's brother, produced both MSTed films which BERNARD L. KOWALSKI directed: 406-ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES and 701-NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST. Other Gene Corman productions include: The Cat Burglar; Tower of London; and The Secret Invasion. He won an Emmy for the TV-movie A Woman Called Golda, whose star (Ingrid Bergman) also won an Emmy.

KOWALSKI's done a few other films including: Hot Rod Girl; Macho Callahan; Nashville Beat; The Beast from the Haunted Cave; Sssssss; and Krakatoa East of Java. (By the way, Krakatoa is WEST of Java!) Kowalski directed several episodes of TV's Perry Mason starring Raymond Burr, as well as TV series Banacek and Rat Patrol. He was the executive producer of TV's Barretta and Mission: Impossible.

Born Yvette Vedder, YVETTE VICKERS was a gifted child who would attend UCLA at the age of sixteen, majoring in film and theater arts. She was Playboy's Playmate of the Month for July 1959. She co-starred with Allison Hayes in 1958's Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman. Some of her other films include: 1950's Sunset Boulevard; 1957-The Sad Sack and Reform School Girl; 1958's Juvenile Jungle; 1963's Hud (with Paul Newman); and the much-copied Beach Party (with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon).

MICHAEL EMMET, who plays Cal Moulton here, also pops up among the crowd in 112-UNTAMED YOUTH and stars as Major John Corcoran in 701-NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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