414 - TORMENTED (1960; NR; 75m)

by the She-Ghost of Haunted Island!"

Ad: "A Terrifying Story of Supernatural Passion!"

Ad: "A Ghost-Woman Owned Him Body and Soul!"

Ad: "Flesh he couldn't feel...
lips he couldn't touch...but a vengeance that haunted him to death!"

Ad: "Her lips, cold as a tomb!
Her caress, a naked chill!"

Ad: "The Wedding of the Living and the Dead!"

Plot: Jazz pianist murders his mistress in a lighthouse, but her ghost disrupts his wedding plans.

Prod: Joe Steinberg (Cry of Battle)
Prod/Dir: Bert I. Gordon
(*210-King Dinosaur; 309-The Amazing Colossal Man; 313-Earth Vs. The Spider; 319-War of the Colossal Beast; 411-The Magic Sword; 517-Beginning of the End; 523-Village of the Giants)
Scr: George Worthing Yates (313/319; This Woman Is Dangerous)
Sto: Bert I. Gordon (210/313)
Cin: Ernest Laszlo*
Ed: John Bushelman (210/523; prod/dir/Sniper's Ridge)
SFX: Bert I. and Flora Gordon (309/313/319/517/523)
Cos: Marge Corso
(313; 315-Teenage Caveman; 607-Bloodlust; 808-The She-Creature)
M/U: Bill Cooley (Look for the Silver Lining)
Asst Dir: Joe Boyle (pmgr/Daughter of Dr. Jekyll)
Asst Dir: William Forsyth (Tarzan's Fight for Life)
ADir: Gabriel Scognamillo (Oscar nom/The Story of Three Loves)
Set: Gene Redd (I Bury the Living)
Sound Rec: John K. Kean
(Emmy nom/TV's Tales of the Gold Monkey)
Score: Calvin Jackson (The Unsinkable Molly Brown)
Score: Albert Glasser (*309/313/315/319/517;
317-Viking Women; 409-The Indestructible Man; 602-Invasion USA; 611-Last of the Wild Horses; arr/201-Rocketship X-M)
M/L: Lewis Meltzer (Shark River; scr/Autumn Leaves; Golden Boy)
Song by Margie Rayburn: Tormented

Tom Stewart / Richard Carlson*
Vi Mason / Juli Reding (Mission in Morocco; Why Must I Die?)
Meg Hubbard / Lugene Sanders (TV's Life of Riley)
Sandy Hubbard / Susan Gordon (dir's daughter; Boy and the Pirates)
Nick / Joseph Turkel (523; Blade Runner; The Sand Pebbles)
Mrs. Ellis / Lillian Adams (Private Benjamin)
Mr. Nelson / Gene Roth (*313; 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; 419-The Rebel Set; She Demons)
clergyman / Merritt Stone (*313/319/411; Problem Girls)
Mr. Hubbard / Harry Fleer (320-The Unearthly; Shock Corridor)
Mrs. Hubbard / Vera Marshe (906-The Space Children; Blue Dahlia)
with George Stanley (313)
Dick Walsh (Hell Squad; The Unsuspected)
E. Leslie Thomas (The Brain from Planet Arous)

Classic line: "Tom Stewart killed me! Tom Stewart killed me!"

Trivia: This DRIVE-IN DIRT author is forever confusing actor RICHARD CARLSON (1912-1977) with the amazing look-alike actor Hugh Marlowe (see L01-WORLD WITHOUT END). Were they related? Separated at birth? Carlson's flicks include: 1938-The Young in Heart; 1940-The Ghost Breakers; 1941-The Little Foxes (with Bette Davis); 1953-The Magnetic Monster; 1953-It Came From Outer Space; 1954-Riders to the Stars (also directed); 1954-Creature from the Black Lagoon; and 1968-The Power.

Hungarian ERNEST LASZLO (1905-1984) was one of Hollywood's most decorated cinematographers, having received eight Academy Award nominations for: 1960's Inherit the Wind (starring Spencer Tracy); 1960's Judgment at Nuremberg (again with Tracy); 1963's It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (again with Tracy); 1966's Fantastic Voyage (with Stephen Boyd and Raquel Welch); 1968's Star!; 1969's Airport; 1976's Logan's Run (with Michael York); and winning the Oscar for 1965's Ship of Fools (starring Vivien Leigh). Note that he did TORMENTED and 906-THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958) before all these films. Other films in which Laszlo used his camera skills are: 1944-Two Years Before the Mast; 1947-Road to Rio (with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby); 1952-The Star (with Bette Davis); 1953-Stalag 17 (with William Holden and Peter Graves); and 1966-Star! (with Julie Andrews).

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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