(USA title; 9/6/1956; 1955; England; NR; 80m)

a.k.a. THIRTEENTH MOON OF JUPITER (original/England)

Ad: "Out of This World SHOCK SENSATION!"

Ad: "Science Fiction's Greatest Thrill!
Maidens Without Men on Mystery Planet!"

Ad: "Rocket-men's Sensational Discovery in Outer Space!
World of Women Seeking to Carry on Race!"

Ad: "SEE the Strangest of All Rites in the Temple of Love!
SEE Supersonic Excitement...As You Hurtle through Space to a Lost Planet! SEE Fire Maidens...Dedicated to the Purpose of Creating a New Race of Supermen!"

Plot: Five astronauts explore the previously unknown 13th moon of Jupiter and find New Atlantis replete with bad female dancers.

Prod/Dir/Scr/Sto: Cy Roth (Air Strike)
Assoc: George Fowler
(Dr. Blood's Coffin; The Snake Woman)
Cin: Ian Struthers
(The Girl in the Picture; Lady of Vengeance)
Ed: Lito Carruthers (Daughter of Darkness)
Ed: A.C.T. Clair
Cos: Cynthia Tingey
(Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger)
M/U: Roy Ashton (The Brides of Dracula)
Asst Dir: John Pellat (pmgr/Help!)
PMgr: Jack M. Martin
ADir: Scott MacGregor
(111-Moon Zero Two; K18-Million Eyes of Su-Muru)
Music: Aleksandr Borodin's Polovtsian Dances
Score: Trevor Duncan (Plan 9 from Outer Space)

Luther Blair / Anthony Dexter*
Hestia / Susan Shaw (Blonde Blackmailer; Wall of Death)
Captain Larson / Paul Carpenter (Call Me Bwana; Paid to Kill)
Professor Sydney Stanhope / Harry Fowler (Flight from Singapore)
Duessa / Jacqueline Curtis (Lady of Vengeance)
Dr. Higgins / Sydney Tafler*
Prasus / Owen Berry (Far from the Madding Crowd)
Anderson / Rodney Diak (Dunkirk)
na / Richard Walter (The Son of Robin Hood)
Fire Maiden / Norma Arnould
Fire Maiden / Sylvia Burrows
Fire Maiden / Eunice Jebbett
Fire Maiden / Sonia Martin
Fire Maiden / Marcella Georgius
Fire Maiden / Kim Parker (Fiend without a Face)
Fire Maiden / Corinne Gray
Fire Maiden / Barbara Pinney
Fire Maiden / Gloria Haig
Fire Maiden / Maya Koumani (Horrors of the Black Museum)
Fire Maiden / Ann Elsden (I Am A Camera)
Fire Maiden / Jan Holden (Enemy from Space; Horror House)
Fire Maiden / Dinah Ann Rogers (My Fair Lady; Alias John Preston)

Trivia: Look for this continuity error: Wearing a T-shirt, Dr. Higgins (played by SYDNEY TAFLER) looks down at his watch; then there's an insert shot of a watch on a fully-sleeved arm. Some other Tafler film appearances include: Passport to Pimlico; and The Spy Who Loved Me.

Born in America in 1919 as Walter Fleischmann, ANTHONY DEXTER's first movie job was the title role in 1951's Valentino, and he had trouble living down that role during the rest of his career. Other of his movies include: 1953-Captain John Smith and Pocahontas; 1954-Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl; 1959's 524-TWELVE TO THE MOON; 1961's 902-THE PHANTOM PLANET; 1962-Married Too Young; and 1967-Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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