(1947; Canada; 11m)

a.k.a. JEAN-FURET VA-T-A LA FOIRE (French)
one of the CANADA CARRIES ON film series (200 shorts)

Shown with Movie: 419-The Rebel Set

Short Type: Newsreel

Plot: At the Canadian National Exhibition, a young boy gets separated from his parents and meets some celebrities.

Released By: Sterling Films
Prod: Sydney Newman (TV series cr/The Avengers; Dr. Who)
Dir/Scr/Ed: Jack Olsen (shorts/Careers and Cradles; River Watch)
Scr: John K. Rooke (shorts/Art for Everybody; Canoe Country)
Cin: Jean-Marie Couture (shorts/Drug Addict; Inside the Atom)
Sco: Eldon Rathburn (The First Emperor of China; The Last Buffalo)

Johnny / Charlie Pachter (Symposium: Ladder of Love)
himself / Joe Louis*
herself / Barbara Ann Scott*
himself / Ole Olsen*
himself / "Chic" Johnson*
himself / former prime minister McKenzie King
Johnny's parents / unknown
narrator / Lorne Greene (*K13-SST: Death Flight; TV's Bonanza)

Classic Line: "Johnny can't read the words Chemical Wonderland."

Trivia: The "Canada Carries On" film series started in 1940 as propaganda to boost the national and United Kingdom's efforts in World War II. The film series continued after the war and ended in 1960.

JOE LOUIS (1914-1981) was the longest-reigning world heavyweight boxing champion in history. He defended the title twenty-five times from 1937-1949. One of the boxers he defeated was former world heavyweight champ PRIMO CARNERA, who played the giant Antaeus in 408-HERCULES UNCHAINED. Usually playing himself, Joe Louis appeared in a few movies including The Fight Never Ends and Joe Palooka, Champ.

Canadian BARBARA ANN SCOTT won the gold medal for women's figure skating in the 1948 Olympics.

The comedy team of OLE OLSEN and Harold Ogden "CHIC" JOHNSON, better known as simply Olsen and Johnson, made several films together, including Hellzapoppin and Gold Dust Gertie.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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