(video title; 1956; NR; 73m)

a.k.a. SWAMP WOMEN (original)
a.k.a. CRUEL SWAMP (re-release)

released with BLONDE BAIT and 511-GUNSLINGER

Shown with Short: 503S-What to Do on a Date

Ad: "Branded Women! Notorious Women!
Scarlet Women! SWAMP WOMEN!"

Ad: "Man-Crazed Women... They Were All Bad Company!"
Ad: "Flaming Passions! Weird Adventure!"
Ad: "Deadlier Than the MALE!"

Plot: An undercover cop and three female prison escapees kidnap Touch and hunt for diamonds in the swamp.

Prod: Bernard Woolner (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman)
Dir: Roger Corman (*311-It Conquered the World; 315-Teenage Caveman; 317-Viking Women; 511-Gunslinger; 806-The Undead; H01-The Day the World Ended; exec/406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; 618-High School Big Shot; 701-Night of the Blood Beast)
Scr: David Stern (Francis; Francis Goes to the Races)
Cin: Frederick West (311/511; 808-The She-Creature)
Ed: Ronald Sinclair (317/808/H01; 309-The Amazing Colossal Man; 313-Earth Vs. The Spider; 319-War of the Colossal Beast)
M/U: Carlie Taylor (307-Daddy-O; She Demons)
PMgr: Bartlett Carre (psup/808/H01; Phantom from Space)
Score: Willis Holman (Curse of the Living Corpse)

Josie / Marie Windsor*
Lee / Carole Mathews (Shark River; Strange Awakening)
Vera / Beverly Garland (*311/511; Curucu, Beast of the Amazon)
Bob / Mike "Touch" Connors*
Billie / Jil Jarmyn (Tarzan's Fight for Life)
Marie / Susan Cummings (Secret of Treasure Mountain)
Captain Goodrich / Lou Place
(dir/307; asst dir/806; pmgr-311; 815-Agent for H.A.R.M.)
pickpocket / Jonathan Haze (311/315/*317/511/H01)
cop / Ed Nelson (*315; 701-Night of the Blood Beast;
814-Riding with Death; K15-Superdome; cos/406)

Classic line: "Maybe your Daddy told you my oil well looks good, huh?"

Trivia: MIKE "TOUCH" CONNORS was most recognizable via his TV series Mannix. His real name is KREKER OHANIAN, so "Touch" doesn't sound so bad after all. You might have seen him as a thug in H01-THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED. Some of his other films: 1952-Sudden Fear; 1956-The Ten Commandments; 1964-Good Neighbor Sam (with Jack Lemmon); Where Love Has Gone (with Susan Hayward and Bette Davis); 1965-Harlow; 1966-Stagecoach; 1967-Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die; 1985-Too Scared to Scream; and 1988-Fist Fighter.

Born Emily Marie Bertelson in 1922, MARIE WINDSOR appeared in 76 movies and made over 130 TV appearances. Before her performing career, she was Miss Utah and a Vargas model. She was the rare exception to the rule: she acted in both A-pictures as well as the B's, and was not typecast like most actresses of her era. Marie says she still has no intentions of retiring from acting. Her other films include: 1947's Song of the Thin Man (with William Powell and Myrna Loy); 1948's The Three Musketeers (with Vincent Price); 1949's The Fighting Kentuckian (the first of her three films with John Wayne); 1950's Dakota Lil; 1951's The Narrow Margin; 1952's film noir classic The Narrow Margin; 1954's awful 3-D Cat-Women of the Moon; 1955's Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy; 1956's The Killing (directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick); 1957's The Girl in Black Stockings (with Mamie Van Doren); 1963's The Day Mars Invaded Earth; 1971's Support Your Local Gunfighter (with James Garner); and 1979's Salem's Lot (with James Mason).

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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