506 - EEGAH! (original; 6/8/1962; NR; 92m)

(per opening credits)

Ad: "The Crazed Love of a Prehistoric Giant for a Ravishing Teen-Age Girl!"

Ad: "Eegah had never seen a girl until one fell into his arms! Boy fights giant for girl prize! Desert dune buggy first time on screen!"

Ad: "Primitive Passions Turned On! Love Breaks the Time Barrier!"

Plot: Giant caveman likes greasy guy's girlfriend.

Prod/Dir/Sto: Nicholas Merriwether a.k.a. Arch W. Hall Sr.*
Assoc Prod/Ed: Don Schneider (812; cin/Rat Pfink A Boo Boo)
Scr: Bob Wehling (Wild Guitar; actor/801-Revenge of the Creature)
Cin: Vilos Lapenieks (Hideous Sun Demon; Mother Goose A Go-Go)
Cin: Ray Dennis Steckler (dir/*812-Incredibly Strange Creatures)
PMgr: H. Duane Weaver (prod/Night Tide)
Sound Rec: Sam Kopetzky (1002-Girl in Gold Boots; Wild Guitar)
Score: Henri Price (812; Rat Pfink A Boo Boo; The Thrill Killers)
Songs: Vicki; Valerie; The Brownville Road (Arch Hall Jr.)

Tom / Arch W. Hall Jr.*
Roxy Miller / Marilyn Manning (The Sadist; What's Up Front)
Eegah / Richard Kiel (411-The Magic Sword; *420-The Human Duplicators; 902-The Phantom Planet; The Spy Who Loved Me)
Robert I. Miller / William Watters a.k.a. Arch W. Hall Sr. (dir)
guy thrown in pool / Ray Dennis Steckler (*812; The Thrill Killers)
guy's girlfriend / Carolyn Brandt (*812; The Thrill Killers)
with Clay Stearns
Addalyn Pollitt
Bob Davis
William Lloyd (Wild Guitar)
Deke Lussier
Ron Shane
Bill Rice (The Offenders)

Classic Line: "Watch out for snakes!"

Trivia: Filmed on location in Palm Desert, California, supposedly some scenes were shot on the property of Harpo Marx.

Catch more ARCH HALL JR. in 1961-The Choppers; 1962-Wild Guitar (directed by Steckler); 1963-The Sadist; 1964-The Nasty Rabbit; and 1965-Deadwood.

There's even more involving the Hall family. In 1961, a highly fictionalized biopic movie about the war experiences of ARCH W. HALL SR. was made: The Last Time I Saw Archie, a comedy directed by its star Jack Webb and co-starred Robert Mitchum as Archie. Writer William Bowers (played by Webb) used his own army experiences (rather than Hall's) for the script, but the real Archie Hall Sr. sued for invasion of privacy anyway! In 1966, Arch Sr. stopped producing and directing films, mostly starring his son, whom he had hoped would be the next Elvis. He died while teaching a film class in 1979.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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