(10/27/45; 1944; NR; 70m)

Shown with Short: 507S-The Truck Farmer

Plot: Ruined by--but in astonishing denial about--his boozy, carousing parents, a neglected essay-contest-winning young man gets involved with gangsters.

Prod: Max Alexander
(International Crime; Amazon Quest)
Dir: Sam Newfield (*103-The Mad Monster; 208-Lost Continent; 520-Radar Secret Service)
Scr: Harry Fraser (dir/Chained for Life)
Scr: Marjorie Dudley
Sto: Arthur Caesar (won Oscar/Manhattan Melodrama)
Cin: Robert Cline (Secrets of a Sorority Girl; Cattle Stampede)
Ed: Charles Henkel Jr. (The Idaho Kid)
SFX(?!): Ray Mercer (208/520; 611-Last of the Wild Horses;
613-The Sinister Urge; 621-The Beast of Yucca Flats; Plan 9)
ADir: Paul Palmentola (522-Teen-Age Crime Wave)
Set: Harry Reif (520; 104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet;
808-The She-Creature; H01-The Day the World Ended;
asst dir/511-Gunslinger)
Music/Lyrics: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
(TV's Mr. Ed; both won Oscars/The Paleface, etc.)
Songs by Hughes: Are You Happy In Your Work?;
Love Came Between Us; Where Can You Be
Score: Lee Zahler (The White Gorilla)

Kitty Reed / Mary Beth Hughes*
James Wilson / Robert Lowell (Too Young to Know)
Dan Wilson / John Miljan (Samson and Delilah; 100+ others)
Mrs. Wilson / Vivienne Osborne (Dragonwyck; Wives Never Know)
Charles Blake / George Meeker (Angel on my Shoulder)
Judge / Edward Earle (808; Harvey Girls; Magnificent Obsession)
Al Frazier / George Lloyd (Since You Went Away; Devil's Island)
Vera Moore / Patricia Knox (Lady for a Night)
Joe Holden / Richard Bartell (The Enforcer)
Shirley Clark / Florence Johnson

Trivia: Born in 1919, MARY BETH HUGHES starred mostly in second features, but there were a few A's: 1939's These Glamor Girls; The Women (with Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell); 1940's Lucky Cisco Kid; 1941's Dressed to Kill; Charlie Chan in Rio; 1942's Orchestra Wives; 1943's The Ox-Bow Incident; 1944's Timber Queen; 1947's Caged Fury; 1948's 611-LAST OF THE WILD HORSES; 1950's Young Man with a Horn; 1955's Las Vegas Shakedown; 1957's Gun Battle at Monterey; and 1977's How's Your Love Life?

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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