510 - THE PAINTED HILLS (1951; G; 70m)

a.k.a. LA COLINA DORADA (Mexico)

Shown with Short:
510S-Body Care and Grooming

Ad: "Packed with Thrills!"

Plot: A collie helps out a gold-prospectin'
geezer and some kid.

Prod: Chester M. Franklin
(dir/Tough Guy; The Iron Master)
Dir: Harold F. Kress
(won Oscars/ed/The Towering Inferno, etc.)
Scr: True Boardman (Pardon My Sarong; Between Us Girls)
Scr: Alexander Hull (from his novel Shep of the Painted Hills)
Cin: Alfred Gilks (won Oscar/An American in Paris)
Cin: Harold Lipstein (Oscar nom/A Man Called Peter)
Ed: Newell P. Kimlin (Apache War Smoke; Bad Day at Black Rock)
SFX: Warren Newcombe (won Oscars/Green Dolphin Street, etc.)
M/U: William Tuttle (601-Girls Town; The Time Machine)
Hair: Sydney Guilaroff (The Graduate; Rosemary's Baby)
ADir: Cedric Gibbons (won 11 Oscars/Gaslight; Julius Caesar; etc.)
ADir: Leonid Vasian (Father's Little Dividend)
Set: Ralph S. Hurst (won Oscars/Gaslight; Julius Caesar, etc.)
Set: Edwin B. Willis (Oscar nom/Giant)
Sound Rec Sup: Douglas Shearer
(won Oscars/Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, etc.)
Score: Daniele Amfitheatrof (Lassie Come Home; Major Dundee)

Shep / Lassie*
Jonathan Harvey / Paul Kelly* (Tarzan's New York Adventure)
Lin Taylor / Bruce Cowling (Battleground; Song of the Thin Man)
Tommy Blake / Gary Gray (Rachel and the Stranger)
Pilot Pete / Art Smith (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
Martha Blake / Ann Doran (615-Kitten With A Whip)
Bald Eagle / Chief Yowlachie (The Paleface; Red River)
Mita / Andrea Virginia Lester
Red Wing / "Brown Jug" Reynolds (The Yellow Rose of Texas)

Trivia: This was LASSIE's last movie for M-G-M. (The first was 1943's Lassie Come Home). It was also perhaps the only movie in which this female dog character Lassie, which was always played by a male dog, played a male role (Shep)! Kind of like Victor, Victoria...with fleas!

In the 1920's, actor PAUL KELLY served two years in prison for manslaughter.

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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