(1962; 1959; NR; 92m)

a.k.a. THE HEAD THAT WOULDN'T DIE (working)

Ad: "Fantastic! Weird! Horrifying!"

Ad: "Alive...Without A Body...
Fed By An Unspeakable Horror From Hell!"

Plot: A doctor's fiancee is decapitated in an auto accident, but he manages to reanimate her head, so he goes body-hunting.

Prod/Sto: Rex Carlton*
Assoc Prod: Mort Landberg
Dir/Scr/Sto: Joseph Green (Day Dream; Legend of the Sea Wolf)
Asst Dir: Tony LaMarca (prod/The Bell Jar)
Cin: Stephen Hajnal
Ed: Leonard Anderson (Whispering City)
Ed: Marc Anderson
SFX: Byron Baer
M/U: George Fiala (321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)
PMgr: Alfred H. Lessner
ADir: Paul Fanning
Sound: Emil Kolisch (The Miracle Worker)
Sound: Robert E. Lessner
Score: Abe Baker and Tony Restaino

Dr. Bill Cortner / Herb Evers a.k.a. Jason Evers
(Claws; Basket Case 2; The Illustrated Man)
Jan Compton / Virginia Leith (A Kiss Before Dying; Black Widow)
model Doris Powell / Adele Lamont
Kurt / Leslie Daniels (The Strangers)
B-Girl / Paula Maurice
stripper / Bonnie Sharie
Donna Williams / Lola Mason (Farewell, My Lovely)
Dr. Cortner (Bill's father) / Bruce Brighton
nurse / Doris Brent (8MM)
announcer / Bruce Kerr (The Man from Snowy River)
Jeannie / Audrey Devereau
closet monster / Ed Carmel*
photographer / Sammy Petrillo
(Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla)
with Arny Freeman (What's So Bad About Feeling Good?)
Marlyn Hanold (Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster)
and Fred Martin

Trivia: Filmed in Tarrytown N.Y., three years passed before it was released, probably due to graphic violence, cheesecake, and a sicko plot. This movie is said to be a favorite of director Martin Scorsese.

Some other REX CARLTON film productions were: The Devil's Hand; Blood of Dracula's Castle; C-Man; and Mr. Universe. He killed himself after being unable to reimburse the mob for money he borrowed to finance another picture.

Huge 7'8" EDDIE CARMEL was also known as Eleazer Carmel, the wrestling champion of Israel. Plus he played a clown on TV and was a subject of photographer Diane Arbus. Another movie Carmel appeared in was 50,000 B.C.--Before Clothing. (Ewwwww!)

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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