514 - TEEN-AGE STRANGLER (1964; NR; 67m)

a.k.a. TEENAGE STRANGLER (variation)

Re-released in 1967 and co-billed with A TASTE OF BLOOD

Shown with Short: 514S-Is This Love?

Ad: "A Caress...An Embrace...Then Defilement and Death!"

Ad: "Budding Young Teenie Boppers Were This Bluebeard's Prey!"

Plot: Members of a teen gang are suspects in a recent rash of stranglings.

Exec: Elvin Feltner
Assoc Prod/Scr: Clark Davis
Dir: Bill Posner a.k.a. Ben Parker (The Invisible Avenger)
Cin: Fred Singer
Ed: John Detra (sound ed/Emmy nom/TV's Tales of the Gold Monkey)
Sound: John Couch and Von Neubaueer
Score: Danny Dean and Daredevils
Song by Stacy Smith: Yipes Stripes

Lt. Anderson / Bill A. Bloom
Jimmy Walton / John Ensign
Mary / Stacy Smith
Mikey Walton / John Humphries*
Betty Royson / Jo Canterbury
janitor Mr. Wilson / Ron Ormond (dir/Mesa of the Lost Women)
himself / Sheriff Frankel
with Jim Asp, Rick Harris, Mickey Banga, Sue Jiminson, Steve Christian, Nelson Paden, Joe Church, Connie Pollard, Kathy Haddad, Stan Witowski, Johnny Haymer, and Bill Mills

Classic line: "And he didn't steal no bike neither!"

Trivia: JOHN HUMPHRIES, a complete novice to acting when the film was made, says he took his acting cues from Jo Canterbury as Betty, whom he knew was from New York and had some acting experience. As her performance became more teary and shrill, so did his.

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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