514S - IS THIS LOVE? (1957; 14m)


Shown with Movie: 514-Teen-age Strangler

Short Type: Educational

Plot: Aged before her years, a college student advises her roommate against rushing into marriage.

Prod: Crawley Films of Canada
For: McGraw-Hill Book Co.
(510S-Body Care and Grooming; Who's Boss?)
Scr Coll: Prof. Lillian Bilkey*
Corr Text: Prof. Paul H. Landis*

Characters (actors unknown):
Liz (looking like an old Romulan)
Andy, Liz's fiance
Peg Kramer
Mr. Kramer (with his Hitler moustache)
Betty Kramer
Joe, Peg's beau

Classic Line: "Oh Liz, everyone isn't as slow as you and Andy."

Classic Line: "You look more excited than I've ever seen you before, and that's saying something."

Classic Line: "Compared to Joe, Pete's so dull...Joe's so handsome."

Trivia: Prof. PAUL H. LANDIS from the State College of Washington wrote the book "Your Marriage and Family Living." Prof. LILLIAN BILKEY was the associate professor of Family Relations at the Teachers College in Plattsburg, New York.

Other titles in the "Marriage and Family Living" series are: How Much Affection?; Who Should I Marry?; Family Portrait; It's A Date; Seeing Double; With This Ring; and Future in Hand.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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