(re-release title; 1963; NR; 72m)

a.k.a. MONSTROSITY (original)


Shown with Short: 518S-What About Juvenile Delinquency

Ad: "Chained...to the Devil's Love Lab!"

Ad: "WANTED: Youth and Beauty.
Will Pay Millions.
Only Beautiful and Shapely Girls Need Apply.
No References Required.
Appointments After Dark Only."

Plot: A rich, cranky, elderly woman wants her doctor to transplant her brain into the body of one of her young captives.

Prod: Jack Pollexfen
(409-The Indestructible Man; scr/The Man From Planet X)
Assoc Prod/Scr: Vy Russell (409)
Assoc Prod/Scr: Sue Dwiggens a.k.a. Sue Bradford (409)
Prod/Scr: Dean Dillman Jr.*
Dir: Joseph V. Mascelli (cin/812-Incredibly Strange Creatures...)
Cin: Alfred Taylor (Beach Ball; Spider Baby; Blood Bath)
Ed: Owen C. Gladden
Elec FX: Ken Strickfaden (Frankenstein; Bride of Frankenstein)
SFX: Space Age Rentals
M/U: Lou Yates
Sound: Charles Knight (Silent Running; Future World)
Score: Gene Kauer
(815-Agent for H.A.R.M.; 621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)

Mrs. Hazel March / Marjorie Eaton*
Dr. Otto Frank / Frank Gerstle (614-San Francisco International)
Nina Rhodes / Erika Peters (Mr. Sardonicus; House of the Damned)
Bea Mullins / Judy Bamber (Dragstrip Girl; Bucket of Blood)
Anita Gonzalez / Lisa Lang (TV's Peter Pan)
gigolo Victor / Frank Fowler (The Far Horizons)
zombie / Margie Fisco
narrator / Bradford Dillman*
and Xerxes the Cat

Classic line: "Making love to an 80 year old woman in the body of a 20 year old girl is insanity."

Trivia: Nothing's known about the career of (possibly British) actress MARJORIE EATON except that she was in these films: 1957-Zombies of Mora Tau; 1958-Witness for the Prosecution (with Charles Laughton); 1963-Night Tide; 1964-Mary Poppins; and maybe 1980's The Attic (perhaps another actress with the same name).

Already an established actor by the time THE ATOMIC BRAIN was made, actor BRAD DILLMAN did his producer-brother DEAN a favor by doing the (uncredited) narration. Brad's made some movies, like 1960's Crack in the Mirror and 1968's Sergeant Ryker, but he's most recognizable for his many television appearances, usually as a guest star. He was a series regular in 1966's Court Martial (with Peter Graves) and 1982's King's Crossing (with Mary Frann and Linda Hamilton). In 1967, Brad Dillman won an Emmy for his performance in the daytime drama special, The Last Bride of Salem.

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