520S - LAST CLEAR CHANCE (1959; 26m)

Shown with Movie: 520-Radar Secret Service

Short Type: Educational and Industrial

Plot: A railroad crossing proves fatal for a young couple driving without paying attention.

Prod: Wondsel, Carlisle and Dunphy Productions
For: Union Pacific Railroad (623S-The Days of Our Years)
Asst: The National Safety Council
Dir: Robert Carlisle (ed/Incident in an Alley; Gun Fight)
Scr: Leland Baxter
Cin: Bert Spielvogel (Dead to the World; Dirtymouth)
Ed: Mort Fallick (Love At First Bite; Act One)
PSup: Francis B. Lewis, UPRR Director of Safety and Courtesy

patrolman Hal Jackson / Bill Boyett (Young and Dangerous)
farmer Frank Dixon Sr. / Mr. Harold Agee
Mrs. Dixon / Mrs. Harold Agee
teen Alan Dixon / Tim Bosworth
college boy Frank Dixon Jr. / Bill Agee
his girlfriend Betty Hutchins / Christine Lynch

Other characters (names unknown):
R.R. worker Ralph
other R.R. worker
an elderly couple driving
a couple driving in their convertible
guy near his stalled car
woman driving while reading map
various patrolmen from other states

Classic Line: "Why don't they look, Ralph? Tell me, why don't they look?"

Classic Line: "I never saw it, until it was right on top of me."

Classic Line: "I thought this would be a good time to come by and tell you a few of the facts of life about driving, before you get started."

Trivia: This short was filmed in and around Meridian, Idaho, just west of Boise.

What Happened?: OK, so they buried Frank. Well, what happened to Betty?!

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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