(10/20/1965; NR; 82m)


remade by Gordon as FOOD OF THE GODS (1976)

Ad: "See...the Wildest, Weirdest Party-Rumble of 'Em All!"

Ad: "Teen-Agers Zoom to Supersize!
See Them Burst out of their Clothes and Bust Up a Town!"

Plot: Pre-teen genius creates giant-making goo which some teens eat and then take over a town.

Prod/Dir: Bert I. Gordon (*210-King Dinosaur; 309-Amazing Colossal Man; 313-Earth Vs. The Spider; 319-War of the Colossal Beast; 411-Magic Sword; 414-Tormented; 517-Beginning of the End)
Scr: Alan Caillou (Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion)
Sto: Bert I. Gordon (309/319)
Sto: H.G. Wells (loosely based upon his Food of the Gods)
(814-Riding with Death; War of the Worlds)
Cin: Paul C. Vogel (411; Time Machine; won Oscar/Battleground)
Ed: John Bushelman (210/414; prod/dir/Sniper's Ridge)
SFX: Bert I. and Flora Gordon (309/313/319/414/517)
SFX: Herman Townsley (414; House on Haunted Hill)
Cos: Leah Rhodes (won Oscar/Adventures of Don Juan)
Cos: Frank Richardson
M/U: Wally Westmore*
Asst Dir: James A. Rosenberger (Summer and Smoke)
PMgr: Frank Caffey (The Ten Commandments; The Buccaneer)
ADir: Franz Bachelin (411; TV's Batman)
Set: Robert B. Benton (Oscar noms/Hud, etc.)
Process Photo: Farciot Edouart (906-The Space Children; Hud)
Sound FX: Jack Cornall (The Day Mars Invaded Earth; ed/210)
Sound Rec: Charles Grenzbach (906; Houseboat)
Sound Rec: John R. Carter (won Oscar/Jaws)
Score: Jack Nitzsche (won Oscar/song/An Officer and a Gentleman)
Instrumental Songs by Jack Nitzsche:
Village of the Giants Theme a.k.a. The Last Race; Make-Out Theme
Songs by The Beau Brummels: Woman; When It Comes To Your Love
Song by Mike Clifford: Maryann
Song by Freddie Cannon: Little Bitty Corrina
Chor: Toni Basil (also actor; Head; The Rose)

Mike / Tommy Kirk (*204-Catalina Caper; The Shaggy Dog)
Horsey / Johnny Crawford (906-Space Children; TV's The Rifleman)
Fred / Beau Bridges (son of Lloyd, brother of Jeff)
(Norma Rae; The Fabulous Baker Boys)
Genius / Ronny Howard*
Merrie / Joy Harmon (Cool Hand Luke; Angel in My Pocket)
Rick / Bob Random (405-Being From Another Planet)
Jean / Tisha Sterling (daughter of Robert Sterling and Ann Sothern)
(Coogan's Bluff; Big Daddy)
Nancy / Charla Doherty (Take Her, She's Mine; In the Year 2889)
Pete / Tim Rooney (son of Mickey Rooney) (Riot on Sunset Strip)
Harry / Kevin O'Neal (The Trouble with Girls; What's Up, Doc?)
Elsa / Gail Gilmore (Beach Ball; Harum Scarum)
Red / Toni Basil (Easy Rider; sang 1982's #1hit song "Mickey")
Check / Hank Jones (Herbie Rides Again; The Young Warriors)
Fatso / Jim Begg (*204; The Cool Ones; It's A Bikini World)
Georgette / Vicki London (Lord Love A Duck)
Sheriff / Joseph Turkel (414; Blade Runner; The Sand Pebbles)
himself / Freddie Cannon (Just for Fun)
himself / Mike Clifford (Grizzly; Sheba, Baby)
themselves / The Beau Brummels (Wild, Wild Winter)
with Rance Howard (Ronny's real-life father; Mars Attacks!)
Felix Silla (TV's Addams Family)
Debi Storm (A Patch of Blue; Brotherhood of Satan)

Trivia: Born in 1954, RON HOWARD's first acting job was appearing on the stage with his parents in a production of The Seven Year Itch. Most of us got to know him as the little boy Opie on TV's Andy Griffith Show and later as teen Richie Cunningham on TV's Happy Days, which was a modified version of his role in the 1973 film American Graffiti. His screen debut was in 1959's The Journey, followed by the role of the lisping-singing kid in 1962's The Music Man. He appeared with his brother Clint in 1976's Eat My Dust.

In 1978, Howard finally got a chance from Roger Corman to direct Grand Theft Auto, and two years later directed the formidable Bette Davis in the TV-movie Skyward. 1982's Night Shift was his first big success, followed by Splash (1984 starring Tom Hanks); Cocoon (1985 with Don Ameche); Parenthood (1989 starred Steve Martin); Backdraft (1991 with Kurt Russell); Far and Away (1992 starring Tom Cruise); The Paper (1994 with Michael Keaton); Apollo 13 (1995 again with Hanks); Ransom (1996 starring Mel Gibson); and as mentioned many times in this episode, Willow (1988 starring Val Kilmer).

Make-up man WALLY WESTMORE comes from a large family of many make-up artists who worked in the movie business. (For details, see the Trivia Section in 614-SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL, which contains info on his brother BUD WESTMORE and the whole Westmore clan). Wally helped made actors look good in movies like War of the Worlds; Double Indemnity; Sunset Boulevard; and 906-THE SPACE CHILDREN.

See something familiar in those exterior shots? No wonder...some of those houses were also used for TV's Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie.

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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