524 - 12 TO THE MOON (1959; NR; 74m)

a.k.a. TWELVE TO THE MOON (variation)

Shown with Short: 524S-Design for Dreaming

Ad: "Land on the Moon with the Intrepid First Astronauts!"

Plot: Astronauts encounter hostile alien beings on the Moon who later freeze the Earth.

Prod/Sto: Fred Gebhardt (902-The Phantom Planet)
Dir: David Bradley (Julius Caesar; They Saved Hitler's Brain)
Scr: DeWitt Bodeen (Curse of the Cat People; I Remember Mama)
Cin: John Alton (Elmer Gantry; won Oscar/An American in Paris)
Ed: Edward Mann (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman)
SFX: Howard A. Anderson (104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; 210-King Dinosaur; 623-The Amazing Transparent Man;
1010-It Lives By Night; Oscar nom/Tobruk)
Asst Dir: Gilbert Mandelik (An Affair to Remember)
PSup: Joel Freeman (The Music Man; prod/Shaft)
ADir: Rudi Feld (Big Daddy; The Wild Party)
Set: John Burton
(509-The Girl in Lovers Lane; 618-High School Big Shot)
Score: Michael Anderson

Captain John Anderson / Ken Clark
(406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; South Pacific)
Dr. Hideko Murata / Michi Kobi (Cry for Happy; American Tiger)
Dr. Feodor Orloff / Tom Conway*
Dr. Luis Vargas / Anthony Dexter
(902; *416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space; Valentino)
Dr. Erik Heinrich / John Wengraf (Judgment at Nuremberg)
Dr. Sigrid Bromark / Anna-Lisa (Have Rocket, Will Travel)
Dr. Rochester / Phillip Baird (Enemy from Space; Nightmare in Wax)
Dr. Etienne Martel / Roger Til (Sweet Charity)
Dr. David Ruskin / Richard Weber (902)
Dr. Selim Hamid / Tema Bey
Roddy Murdock / Bob Montgomery Jr. (College Confidential)
Dr. Asmara Makonen / Cery Devlin
narrator / Francis X. Bushman*

Trivia: Born Tom Sanders in Russia, British actor TOM CONWAY (1904-1967) was the look-alike brother of actor George Sanders. Taking over the role from his brother, he appeared in nine movies as the private eye character "The Falcon". Other of Conway's films include: 1940-Sky Murder; 1941-Tarzan's Secret Treasure; 1942's Cat People; Mrs. Miniver; 1943-I Walked with a Zombie; 1948-One Touch of Venus; 1951-Bride of the Gorilla; and 1956's 808-THE SHE-CREATURE.

It's hard to believe that the craggy-faced FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN (1883-1966) in this movie was once adorned by film fans for his handsomeness and physique. He made many silent films, and was known as "The Profile." His handsome face can be seen in 1929's Ben Hur. The craggy one can be seen again in another MSTed sci-fi turkey, 902-THE PHANTOM PLANET.

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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