602 - INVASION U.S.A. (April 1953; 1952; NR; 74m)

a.k.a. INVASION, U.S.A. (variation)

Shown with Short: 602S-A Date With Your Family

Ad: "It Will Scare The Pants Off You!"

Ad: "SEE New York toppled!
SEE San Francisco in flames!
SEE Boulder Dam destroyed!"

Ad: "SEE vast U.S. cities vanish before your very eyes!"

Video Ad: "The Cold War is over...
World War III has begun!

Plot: A man hypnotizes fellow bar patrons and makes them believe the U.S. is undergoing an Russian invasion/atomic attack.

Exec: Joseph Justman (Unwed Mother)
Prod: Albert Zugsmith (601-Girls Town; The Beat Generation)
Prod/Scr/Sto: Robert Smith (scr/601; The Buster Keaton Story)
Dir: Alfred E. Green (Dangerous; The Jackie Robinson Story)
Sto: Franz Spencer a.k.a. Franz Schulz (Born to Sing)
Cin: John Russell (601; 409-Indestructible Man; Oscar nom/Psycho)
Ed: W. Donn Hayes (Ice Follies of 1939)
SFX: Jack Rabin (107-Robot Monster; 201-Rocketship X-M;
317-Viking Women; L01-World Without End)
Cos: Einar H. Bourman (Invisible Invaders)
Cos: De De Johnson
M/U: Harry Thomas (103-The Mad Monster; 109-Project Moon Base; 320-The Unearthly; 423-Bride of the Monster; *616-Racket Girls; 618-High School Big Shot; 701-Night of the Blood Beast)
PMgr: Ralph E. Black (2nd unit dir/401-Space Travelers)
ADir: James Sullivan (418-Attack of the the Eye Creatures)
Set: John Sturtevant (Oscar nom/The Sand Pebbles)
Sound: Frank McWhorter (Captive Women)
Score: Albert Glasser (409; *309-The Amazing Colossal Man;
313-Earth Vs. The Spider; 315-Teenage Caveman; 317-Viking Women; 319-War of the Colossal Beast; 414-Tormented; 517-Beginning of the End; 611-Last of the Wild Horses; arr/201)

Vince Potter / Gerald Mohr*
Carla / Peggie Castle (*517; Seven Hills of Rome)
Mr. Ohman / Dan O'Herlihy
(Halloween 3; Oscar nom/Adventures of Robinson Crusoe)
George Sylvester / Robert Bice (522-Teen-Age Crime Wave)
bartender / Tom Kennedy (The Devil's Cargo; Pirate Ship)
congressman / Wade Crosby (Arizona; The Paleface)
Mr. Mulvory / Erik Blythe (King Richard and the Crusaders)
Mrs. Mulvory / Phyllis Coates
(Lois Lane/TV's Adventures of Superman; Girls in Prison)
airline hostess / Noel Neill
(also Lois Lane/TV's Adventures of Superman; The Blue Dahlia)
5th Column Leader / Aram Katcher (Do Not Disturb)
broadcaster / William Schallert
(*511-Gunslinger; K19-Hangar 18; Matinee; TV's Patty Duke Show)
TV newsman / Knox Manning (Wild Weed; Meet John Doe)
with Edward G. Robinson Jr. (Some Like It Hot; Tank Battalion)
Clarence Shoop (tech adv/Blaze of Noon)

Trivia: Dark and suave, GERALD MOHR (1914-1968) played a gentleman crook called "The Lone Wolf" in that film series and was in these other films: 1941-The Monster and the Girl; 1946-Gilda (with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford); 1951-Ten Tall Men; 1952-Son of Ali Baba; 1953-The Eddie Cantor Story; 1959-Angry Red Planet; and 1968-Funny Girl (with Barbra Streisand).

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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