602S - A DATE WITH YOUR FAMILY (1950; 10m)

Shown with Movie: 602-Invasion U.S.A.

Short Type: Educational

Plot: Three kids help their mother make father's arrival home from work as pleasant as possible, culminating in a rather formal dinner.

Dist by: Encyclopaedia Brittanica Films
(407S-Junior Rodeo Daredevils; 507S-The Truck Farmer;
608S-A Day at the Fair; 613S-Keeping Clean and Neat)
Released by: Simmel-Meservey*
Prod/Dir: Edward G. Simmel
Scr: Arthur V. Jones (Stagecoach Express; The Fargo Kid)
Cin: Harry F. Burrell (Junior Prom)
Ed: Miriam Bucher

older son / Ralph Hodges (Mysterious Island; Nearly Eighteen)

Other Characters (actors unknown):
daughter, mother, father, junior, narrator

Classic Line: "These boys greet their Dad as though they were genuinely glad to see him, as though they really missed him."

Classic Line: "Pleasant, unemotional conversation helps the digestion."

Trivia: This film was supposed to show school children the proper way to act at home and interact with their parents. Some teachers criticized this film for showing situations of an affluent family, with which few students could identify.

Other SIMMEL-MESERVEY short film productions include: Let's Give A Tea; Dinner Party; and Junior Prom.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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