606 - THE CREEPING TERROR (1963; NR; 75m)

a.k.a. DANGEROUS CHARTER (alternate)

Plot: A slow-moving alien rug monster manages somehow to catch and swallow many people.

Exec: Dick Phillips
Assoc Prod: K. Alden and Carlos B. King
Prod/Dir/Ed: Art J. Nelson (also actor; ed/Sextette)
Scr: Alan Silliphant a.k.a. Alf Sillman Jr. (The Stewardesses)
Scr: Robert Silliphant (812-The Incredibly Strange Creatures...)
Sto: Robert Silliphant
Cin: Irving Phillips
Cin: Andrew Janczak (The Undertaker and His Pals)
SFX/Monster Cos: Jon Lackey
SFX: Clifford Stine (cin/sfx/L02-This Island Earth; sfx/803-The Mole People; 804-Deadly Mantis; spcin/805-The Thing That Couldn't Die)
Asst Dir: Randy Starr (actor/Machismo)
Cos: Rebecca Boltres
M/U: Dick Prestini
ADir: Bud Raab
Elec: Steve Grumette (computer fx/War Games)
Score: Frederick Kopp

Martin Gordon / Vic Savage a.k.a. Art J. Nelson
(also prod/dir/ed; Street Fighter)
Dr. Bradford / William Thourlby (The Manchurian Candidate)
Brett Gordon / Shannon O'Neil
(guest/TV's Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok)
Colonel Caldwell / John Caresio
Barney / Brendon Boone a.k.a. Norman Boone (Fantastic Voyage)
Gramps / Jack King
narrator / Larry Burrell (They Saved Hitler's Brain)
with Byrd Holland (Stakeout on Dope Street; The Black Klansman)
Louise Lawson (The Playgirls and the Bellboy)
Buddy Mize (That Tennessee Beat)
Robin James (Deja Vu; TV's Beulah Land)
Rita Tobin (The Wrong Box)
Pierre Kopp; Ken Savage; Mark Field;
Les La Marr; Mary Price; Vera Lee;
Lewis Lawson; Ray Wickman; Connie Valoie;
Kelly Adams; Al Lewis; Karl Loenberg; Paul J. Hanson

Trivia: There's lots of narration and little dialogue because the soundtrack reportedly was lost in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where the locations shots were made.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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