607S - UNCLE JIM'S DAIRY FARM (1960's; 12m)

Shown with Movie: 607-Bloodlust!

Short Type: Educational and Industrial

Plot: Two city kids learn the what their country cousins do on their dairy farm.

Prod: Jam Handy Organization
(*423S/424S-Hired! Parts 1 and 2; *603S-The Selling Wizard;
610S-A Young Man's Fancy; 618S-Out of This World;
1012S-A Case of Spring Fever)
For: The National Dairy Council
Ed Cons: Mrs. Loretta Doyle, Evanston IL curriculum coordinator

Characters (performers unknown):
visiting George
visiting Betty
father Fred
mother Alice
older brother Bill
Uncle Jim
Aunt Helen
assorted cows, horses, chickens, pigs, puppies, kittens, and a lamb

Classic Line: "Uncle Jim, how do cows make milk?"

Classic Line: "Cows are a lot like people."

Trivia: This must be the happiest farm in the country. Maybe it's the federal dairy subsidies or fixed prices.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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