613 - THE SINISTER URGE (1960; NR; 75m)

a.k.a. THE YOUNG AND IMMORAL (re-release)
a.k.a. RACKET QUEEN (working)
a.k.a. HELLBORN (unfinished film; used footage)

its sequel THE PEEPER was never filmed

Shown with Short: 613S-Keeping Clean and Neat

Ad: "Sadistic Urge of a Compulsive Madman!"
Ad: "A beautiful girl. A photograph by mail.
A compulsive urge. A slash of a knife."
Ad: "Beauty Contest Winner Trapped by a Vicious Art Photo Racket!"
Ad: "Branded for Torture...A SMUT PICTURE!"
Ad: "The Sinister Urge of a Psycho Killer"
Ad: "Psycho Killer Strikes Terror!"
Ad: "Frank...Daring...Shocking Realism"
Ad: "Startling...Terrifying Realism"
Ad: "Sensational! Bold! Startling!"
Ad: "Pornography Headlines Come to Life!"
Ad: "A Compulsive Killer Strikes Terror...in every woman's heart!"

Plot: Skin flicks inspire a young man to commit murder.

Prod: Roy Reid (610-The Violent Years; Unashamed Women)
Prod/Dir: Edward D. Wood Jr. (*423-Bride of the Monster)
Scr: Edward D. Wood Jr. (*423/610; Plan 9)
Cin: William C. Thompson*
Ed: John Soh (Emmy nom/Hiroshima)
SFX: Ray Mercer (208-Lost Continent; 507-I Accuse My Parents; 520-Radar Secret Service; 611-Last of the Wild Horses;
621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)
Cos: Eileen Younger (Sabu and the Magic Ring)
Set: Jerome Lapari
Score: Manuel Francisco a.k.a. Mischa Terr
(610; 210-King Dinosaur; 320-The Unearthly; 607-Bloodlust!)

Lt. Matt Carson / Kenne Duncan*
Sgt. Randy Stone / James "Duke" Moore (Night of the Ghouls)
Gloria Henderson / Jean Fontaine
Johnny Ryde / Carl Anthony (Plan 9 from Outer Space)
Dirk Williams / Michael "Dino" Fantini*
Mary Smith / Jeanne Willardson*
Mr. Romaine / Harvey B. Dunn
(*423; 404-Teenagers From Outer Space; Night of the Ghouls)
Police Inspector / Reed Howes
(203S-The Phantom Creeps; Stage to Tucson; Hangman's Knot)
Officer Kline / Fred Mason
theatrical agent / Kenneth Willardson*
1st syndicate man / Vic McGee (Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors)
Jaffe / Harry Keatan* (610; Desert Mesa)
2nd syndicate man / Nick Raymond
(*209-The Hellcats; 619-Red Zone Cuba)
knife-fighter Connie / Conrad Brooks (*423; 621; Plan 9)
Frances / Judy Berares
knife-fighter Danny / Edward D. Wood Jr. (also prod/dir)
nurse / Oma Soffian
model / April Lynn (The Body Is A Shell)
model / Toni Costello
model / Kathy Randall
model / Sylvia Marenco
Shirley / Betty Boatner
cop / Jean Bare
cop in drag / Clayton Peca
dark stud / Henry Kekoanui
Ryde's secretary / Vonnie Starr
Paul / Paul Main
with Henry Bederski (Jailbait; Night of the Ghouls; Glen or Glenda)
John Carpenter (Night of the Ghouls; Lawless Rider)
and Dick Lamson, Claudette Gifford, Raphael Sporer,
Rhea Walker, Lisa Page Ward, Honey Bee, Candy Paige,
Vickie Baker, Carole Gallos, Carmen Lee

Classic Line: "Dirk? No, that can't be Dirk. Uh-uh. No, that's not Dirk. No."

Trivia: Once again, the exterior wooded scenes take place at Griffith Park.

Actors JEANNE and KENNETH WILLARDSON plus DINO FANTINI were in HARRY KEATAN's acting school. Some exterior shots made at his ranch in Palmdale, California.

Some of the actors named in the cast credits only appear in the soft-core version of the movie which Ed Wood released in 1961. The Pizza Joint sequences were shot in 1956 for the unfinished film Rock and Roll Hell a.k.a. Hellborn. Conrad Brooks is now selling a version of Hellborn on video.

Ed Wood's cinematographer and veteran of many films, WILLIAM C. THOMPSON, was nearly blind when this film was made and required assistance. You can see him in front of the camera as the judge in Glen or Glenda. Thompson also filmed 423-BRIDE OF THE MONSTER; 610-THE VIOLENT YEARS; 616-RACKET GIRLS; 109-PROJECT MOONBASE; Arctic Fury; and the infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Also appearing in 520-RADAR SECRET SERVICE, KENNE DUNCAN started in Hollywood as a stuntman and actor in Westerns and serials. He was in Wood's cowboy pilot Crossroad Avenger, and played Dr. Acula (get it?) in Wood's Night of the Ghouls. Duncan committed suicide in 1972.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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