618S - OUT OF THIS WORLD (1950's; 20m)

Shown with Movie: 618-High School Big Shot

Short Type: Industrial

Plot: An angel and a devil try to persuade a borderline wholesale bakery salesman to their side.

Pres By: Du Pont
Prod: Jam Handy Organization
(*423S/424S-Hired! Parts 1 and 2; *603S-The Selling Wizard;
607S-Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm; 610S-A Young Man's Fancy;
1012S-A Case of Spring Fever)
Prod: E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co. Inc. Film Department

Characters (actors unknown):
salesman Bill Dudley
angel Whitey, in charge of Section A (The Good Salesmen)
femmy devil Red, in charge of Section B (The Other Kind)
grocer Marco
grocer O'Connor
four other grocers
three lady shoppers

Classic Line: "You're talking through your horns again."

Classic Line: "Why keep a close check on how your load's going?"

Trivia: Since when does DuPont make and sell bread? Not a pleasant thought.

Don't forget to check in your Baker's Bullseye Book and
"Remember Your Aims!":
Groger Goodwill
"Plus" Volume
"Selling" Displays

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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