619S - SPEECH:

(1949; 9m)

Shown with Movie: 619-Red Zone Cuba

Short Type: Educational

Plot: Looking good and standing up straight make a better speaker.

Prod: Young America Films/Centron Corp.*
(*313S-Speech: Using Your Voice; 515S-Cheating;
518S-What About Juvenile Delinquency;
609S-Why Study Industrial Arts?)
Tech Sup: Prof. E.C. Buehler* (313S)

narrator, wobbly speaker and knee-tester / Prof. E.C. Buehler (313S)

Other Characters (actors unknown):
neat male speaker (313S)
messy male speaker
Miss Primm (rigid speaker)

Classic Line: "Think tall. Talk tall. Stand tall. Walk tall."

Classic Line: "The body should be held erect and tall, with the head up."

Classic Line: "She keeps her feet clamped tightly together."

Trivia: Professor E.C. BUEHLER was the Director of Forensics at the University of Kansas.

This short was one in a series of six produced by CENTRON on the topic of speech. The other titles included: 313S-SPEECH: USING YOUR VOICE and Speech: Stage Fright and What to Do About It.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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