621S1 - MONEY TALKS! (1951; 12m)

Shown with Short: 621S2-Progress Island U.S.A.
Shown with Movie: 621-The Beast of Yucca Flats

Short Type: Educational and Industrial

Plot: Having trouble saving money, a kid gets advice from none other than Ben Franklin himself...or was it just Dad doing a shadow puppet?

Pres For: High School Students
By: The American Bankers Association
Prod: Internatl. Movie Producers' Service
PSup: Film Counselors Inc. (621S2)

Characters (actors unknown):
Ben Franklin in silhouette
William a.k.a. Bill
Bill's father
Bob (has a car)
Bob's sister
bank teller
bank customers

Classic Line: "A penny saved is a penny earned."

Classic Line: "If Bob only saved what he had left, he wouldn't have a car."

Classic Line: "It's not because you're a poor earner, William. It's because you're a poor spender."

Trivia: BEN FRANKLIN (1706-1790) was truly an amazing individual. From a modest background and one of seventeen children, Franklin's life was forever altered, when he got access to his brother's printing press and composed articles for their newspaper, the New England Courant. He later bought the Pennsylvania Gazette and soon thereafter published his famous Poor Richard's Almanack.

Franklin held several public offices: clerk of the Pennsylvania General Assembly; deputy postmaster of Philadelphia; committee member drafting the Declaration of Independence; delegate to the convention drawing up the American Constitution; diplomat to England and France; and president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, with its goal of eradicating slavery.

His modern thinking yielded these ground-breaking institutions and inventions: fire departments; street paving and lighting; the Franklin stove; the Philadelphia Academy (later the University of Pennsylvania); and most importantly, capturing electricity from lightning with a mere kite and key.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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