(1959; NR; 58m)

Shown with Short:
623S-The Days of Our Years

Ad: "Invisible and Deadly!
An Entire Nation at His Mercy!"

Ad: "THE MOST AMAZING PICTURE OF THE YEAR! He's Invisible! He's Deadly!"

Ad: " WARNING! Joey Faust, escaped convict, THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN, has vowed to "appear" invisibly IN PERSON at every performance of this picture!"

Plot: A mad scientist makes a crook invisible so he can steal radioactive material, but he would rather rob banks instead.

Exec: Robert L. Madden and John Miller
(both/Beyond the Time Barrier)
Prod: Lester D. Guthrie (Beyond the Time Barrier)
Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer*
Scr: Jack Lewis (A Yank in Vietnam; Malamondo)
Cin: Meredith Nicholson (Beyond the Time Barrier)
Ed: Jack Ruggiero (Beyond the Time Barrier; Date with Death)
SFX: Roger George (420-The Human Duplicators; The Howling)
SFX: Howard A. Anderson (104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; 210-King Dinosaur; 524-12 to the Moon; 1010-It Lives By Night)
Cos: Jack Masters (Beyond the Time Barrier; Suddenly)
M/U: Jack Pierce (702-The Brute Man; TV's Mr. Ed)
Asst Dir: Leonard Shapiro (109-Project Moon Base; 607-Bloodlust)
PDes: Ernst Fegte (won Oscar/Frenchman's Creek)
Set: Louise Caldwell (402-Giant Gila Monster; 407-Killer Shrews)
Script Sup: Shirley Ulmer (Return to Macon County)
Sound: Don Olson (A Face in the Crowd)
Sound: Earl Snyder (402/407; 106-The Crawling Hand; Cat Ballou)
Music Ed: Gilbert Marchant (Beyond the Time Barrier)
Score: Darrell Calker (Manhandled; The Chartroose Caboose)

Laura Matson / Marguerite Chapman (Flight to Mars; Man Bait)
Joey Faust / Douglas Kennedy (The Land Unknown)
Major Paul Krenner / James Griffith (413-Manhunt in Space)
Dr. Peter Ulof / Ivan Triesault (Cry of the Werewolf; Barabbas)
Julian / Boyd "Red" Morgan (Ask Any Girl)
Maria Ulof / Carmel Daniel
Drake / Edward Erwin (206-Ring of Terror; Vengeance)
Smith / Jonathan Ledford (418-Attack of the the Eye Creatures)
woman / Kevin Kelly
security guard / Norman Smith
security guard / Patrick Cranshaw (Mars Needs Women)
state policeman / Dennis Adams (adir/Free, White and 21)
state policeman / Stacy Morgan (The Crimson Kimono)

Trivia: Both this film and Beyond the Time Barrier were filmed concurrently and sometimes at the same location...the site of the 1959 Texas State Fair in Dallas. Director EDGAR G. ULMER (1904-1972) was one of the few filmmakers who purposely decided to make B-pictures, even when he had chances to make A-films. After the Austrian assisted the great filmmaker Murnau in Germany, Ulmer started in Hollywood as an art director. In 1933, he directed his first three films: Damaged Lives; Mr. Broadway; and The Black Cat, an amazing atmospheric movie for Universal, starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Ulmer refused to do his next assignment, a Shirley Temple film, was fired, and from then on worked on projects independently...a rarity during the height of the studio system. After doing some ethnic films (Yiddish, Ukranian and for African-Americans, like 1939's Moon over Harlem) with small budgets, in the 1940's he did four highly successful low-budget movies for low-budget PRC Studios: Bluebeard (with John Carradine); Strange Illusion; a modern-dress version of Hamlet; and Detour. Among his later 128 movies are: 1947-Carnegie Hall; 1948-Ruthless (starring Zachary Scott and Sydney Greenstreet); 1951-The Man from Planet X; 1957-The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll; 1960-Hannibal; 1962-Atlantis, the Lost Kingdom; and 1965-The Cavern.

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