705 - ESCAPE 2000 (1984; USA/Italy; R; 94m)

a.k.a. ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX (original)
a.k.a. FUGA DEL BRONX (Italy/original)
a.k.a. LES GUERRIERS DU BRONX 2 (France)

sequel to 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS (1983)

Plot: A ruthless developer wants everyone out of the Bronx, especially a gang of misfits.

Prod: Fabrizio De Angelis
(1990: The Bronx Warriors)
Dir/Scr: Enzo G. Castellari
(1990: The Bronx Warriors)
Scr/Sto: Tito Carpi
(Tentacles; The New Barbarians)
Cin: Blasco Giurato (A Pure Formality)
Ed: Gianfranco Amicucci
(1990: The Bronx Warriors)
SFX: Antonio Corridori
(The Great White; Piranha II--The Spawning)
Cos/ADir: Massimo Lentini
(adir/301-The Cave Dwellers)
Asst Dir: Giuseppe Giglietti (1990: The Bronx Warriors)
PMgr: Claudio Grassetti (psup/The Barbarians)
Score: Francesco De Masi (Hercules Vs. The Giant Warriors)

Trash / Mark Gregory (1990: Bronx Warriors; Thunder Warrior)
Wangler / Henry Silva*
reporter Moon / Valeria D'Obici (Passion of Love)
Strike / Timothy Brent a.k.a. Giancarlo Prete
(Tornado; Warriors of the Wasteland)
Vice President / Paolo Malco (The House by the Cemetary)
President Henry Clark / Thomas Moore a.k.a. Ennio Girolami
(Warriors of the Wasteland)
Toblerone / Antonio Sabato (War of the Robots; Thundersquad)
Trash's father / Romano Puppo (Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears)
rebel wearing patch / Massimo Vanni (1990: The Bronx Warriors)
with Andrea Coppola (Warriors of the Wasteland)
Eva Czemerys (Women in Cell Block 7)
Carla Brait (Torso)
Thomas Felleghy (La Cage Aux Folles II; Dirty Heroes)
Moana Pozzi (Borotalco; Pompieri)
Maurizio Fardo (The Lonely Lady; The Year of the Gun)
Alessandro Prete
Salvatore Funari

Trivia: Born in 1928, steely-eyed tough-guy actor HENRY SILVA always seemed to have a scowl on his face. Some of his films: 1952-Viva Zapata; 1960-A Hatful of Rain; Cinderfella (with Jerry Lewis); 1962-The Manchurian Candidate; 1963-Johnny Cool (with Elizabeth Montgomery); 1965-The Return of Mr. Moto (as the title role); 1966-The Plainsman; 1980-Alligator; 1981-Sharky's Machine (starring Burt Reynolds); 1985-Lust in the Dust (with Divine and Tab Hunter); and 1990-Dick Tracy (with Warren Beatty).

Last Updated: 6/10/1999

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