Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 811

(re-release title; 1979; R; 90m)

a.k.a. THE CLONUS HORROR (original)

Ad: "WARNING: The shock and horror of this film is UNUSUALLY INTENSE. It is not a film for the faint-hearted."

Plot: Scientists successfully create clones of important politicians, so they can use them for body parts in later transplants, but an escaped clone wants to warn the outside world of this dangerous scheme.

Exec: Walter Fiveson
Exec: Ray Dryden (The Attic)
Prod/Scr: Myrl A. Schreibman
(prod/Liberty & Bash; Angel of H.E.A.T.)
Prod/Dir/Scr: Robert S. Fiveson
Prod/Asst Dir: Michael Lee
Assoc Prod: Peter R.J. Deyell (Sinner's Blood)
Scr: Ron Smith
Scr/Sto: Bob Sullivan
Cin: Max Beaufort
Ed: Robert Gordon
(Best Friends; Las Vegas Lady; The Blue Lagoon)
Cos: Dorinda Rice Wood (Battle Beyond the Stars)
SFX: Steve Karkus (908-The Touch of Satan; Easy Rider)
M/U: Richard Rivas
M/U: Joe Blasco (908; sfx/1007-Track of the Moon Beast)
PDes: Steve Nelson (The Creature; White Trash)
ADir/Prop Master: Frank Coccaro
Asst Dir: Paul Berkowitz
Asst Dir: Robert Cummings (stunts/Big Trouble in Little China)
Asst Dir: John Giannone
Score: Hod David Schudson (The Attic)

Richard / Tim Donnelly (Toolbox Murders; Secret of Santa Victoria)
Dr. Jameson / Dick Sargent*
Jeff Knight / Peter Graves (*311-It Conquered the World;
418-Attack of the Eye Creatures; 517-Beginning of the End;
K13-SST: Death Flight; Stalag 17; TV's Mission Impossible)
Richard "Rich" Patrick Knight / David Hooks (The Hospital)
Jake Noble / Keenan Wynn (706-Laserblast; Dr. Stangelove)
clone George and George Walker / Frank Ashmore
(The Invisible Strangler; Airplane II)
Anna Noble / Lurene Tuttle (112-Untamed Youth; Psycho)
doctor / Eddy Carroll (possibly K19-Hangar 18)
Dr. Nelson / Zale Kessler (The Producers)
son Ricky Knight / James Mantell
Lena / Paulette Breen (The Wizard of Speed and Time)
senator / Boyd Hollister (TV-movie Grace Kelly)
guide #1 / Rick DiAngelo (The Hunter)
guide #2 / Gene Glazer (No Way Out; Eve of Destruction)
Dana / Eileen Deitz (Linda Blair's stunt double/The Exorcist)
guide #3 / Keith Langsdale (See No Evil, Hear No Evil)
guide #4 / Larry Manning
clone / William Bufkin
Jack / Tony Haig (The Swarm; The Hard Ride)
guide #5 / John Donovan (Super Chick; Rush Week)
motorcycle rider / Greg Brickman (stunts/K19; The Blues Brothers)
guide #6 / Joel Lawrence (Goldie and the Boxer Go to Hollywood)
Walker man / George Wilbur (stunts/Star Trek II; Beastmaster)
Walker man / Chuck Hayward (Spartacus; Rooster Cogburn; Swarm)
reporter Grady / Amanda Davies (Knightriders; Mirror, Mirror)
reporter Birney / Frank Birney (Critters 2; Mr. Mom; Dave)

Trivia: THE CLONUS HORROR had a budget of $350,000, a then modest amount for a major film release, but huge in comparison to most other MSTed movies.

Born in 1933, actor DICK SARGENT is best known for his 1969-1972 role as the second Darrin Stephens on TV's Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery. (He replaced the actor Dick York, who had the role from 1964-1969 and who had to retire from acting because of severe back pain). In addition to a couple other minor TV series and many guest appearances, Sargent made these films: 1957-Bernadine; 1959-Operation Petticoat; 1961-The Great Imposter (starring Tony Curtis); 1962-That Touch of Mink (with Doris Day and Cary Grant); 1964-Captain Newman, M.D. (with Gregory Peck); 1966-The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (starring Don Knotts); 1968-The Young Runaways; 1979-Hardcore (with George C. Scott); and 1989-Teen Witch. A few years ago, Sargent publicly declared his homosexuality on National Coming Out Day, one of the few male Hollywood celebrities to do so, albeit late in his career.

Last Updated: 6/10/1999

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