(1983; Canada/USA Public Television; NR; 84m)

Video Ad: "Caught in a Futuristic World...
His Only Escape is Back in Time"

Plot: In a futuristic totalitarian society, a corporate flunkie finds himself trapped in the virtual reality world of the movie Casablanca.

Prod: Robert Lantos
(Johnny Mnemonic; Bedroom Eyes)
Prod: Stephen J. Roth
(Scrooged; Last Action Hero)
Prod: David Loxton
(TV's Power, Passion and Murder)
Prod/SFX: Geoffrey Haines-Stiles (prod/TV mini-series Cosmos)
Dir: Douglas Williams
Scr: Corinne Jacker
Sto: John Varley (Millennium)
Cin: Barry Bergthorson (TV's On Thin Ice; Firebird 2015 A.D.)
Ed: Rit Wallis (My Bloody Valentine; Iron Eagle II)
SFX: Jim Goessinger
Cos: Delphine White (Scanners; Videodrome)
Cos: Mary Jane McCarty (K20-The Last Chase; Paradise)
Cos: Nicola Pelly and Harry Parnass
M/U: Shonagh Jabour (Dead Ringers; TV's Anne of Green Gables)
PDes: Carol Spier (The Santa Clause; Naked Lunch)
Set: Elinor Rose Galbraith (Dead Ringers; Dolores Claiborne)
Score: John Tucker (Bedroom Eyes)

Aram Fingal and Rick Blaine / Raul Julia*
Appollonia James / Linda Griffiths (Lianna; Reno and the Doc)
Felicia and Lola / Wanda Cannon (The Housekeeper)
The Chairman and Fat Man / Donald C. Moore (Blue Velvet)
Pierre / Louis Negin (Rabid; Physical Evidence; Love & Murder)
Djamilla / Chapelle Jaffe (Millennium; Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Fingal's mother / Jackie Burroughs (The Housekeeper)
Gondol / Maury Chaykin (Millennium; Dances with Wolves)
Slavin / Arnie Achtman (Covergirl; High-Ballin')
Lexicorp reporter / Paula Barrett (Millennium)
Nirvana clerk / Patrick Brymer (Equus; Robin Hood: Men in Tights)
Dr. Darwin / Helen Carscallen (Parents; Love at Stake)
Tooby / Gary Farmer (Police Academy; The Undergrads)
voice of HX368 computer / Marvin Goldhar (Running; Heartsounds)
data supervisor / Joyce Gordon (Police Academy; Stay Tuned)
shuttle passenger / Rex Hagan (TV's The Forest Rangers)
Marco / Hadley Kay (Superman II; The Care Bears Movie)
thug #2 / James Kidnie (Bird on a Wire; Body Parts)
Fingal and Rick's double / Don Lamont (The Shaman's Source)
Arab in alley / Al Maini (Billy Madison; Covergirl; Spasms)
20th Century doctor / Sheila Moore (Stephen King's It)
Watson / Steve Payne (Future-Kill; Celia, Child of Terror)
Doppling Medico / Denise Pidgeon (The Ref; TV's Police Academy)
thug #1 / Lou Pitoscia (Moonstruck; Baby on Board)
Flavia Drancy / Vivian Reis (TV's Anne of Green Gables)
Plinth / Larry Schwartz (Police Academy 4; Night Friend)
Transcorp reporter / Sugith Varughese (TV's Quiet Killer)
teacher / Bunty Webb (Tommy Boy; Curtains; Deadly Eyes)
Desiree / Audra Williams (guest/TV's The Littlest Hobo)

Classic Line: "Of course, everyone doppled voluntarily."
Classic Line: "Have a good dopple."

Trivia: Born in 1940 in Puerto Rico, Raul Rafael Carlos Julia y Arcelay a.k.a. RAUL JULIA's acting career had not even peaked, when he died in 1994. (It was first announced that he died from a stroke, but much later it became known that he died from complications due to AIDS).

He will probably be most remembered for his portrayal of Gomez Addams in the movies The Addams Family (1991) and its sequel, Addams Family Values (1993), both co-starring Anjelica Huston. His other films include: Panic in Needle Park (1971); The Gumball Rally (1976); King Lear (1977); The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978, starring Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones); Othello (1979); The Tempest (1982, Golden Globe nominee); Compromising Positions (1985); Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985, another Golden Globe nomination; with William Hurt); Tequila Sunrise (1988; starring Mel Gibson and Michelle Pfeiffer); Moon Over Parador (1988, Golden Globe nominee; with Richard Dreyfuss); Romero (1989); Frankenstein Unbound (1990, with John Hurt and Bridget Fonda); Presumed Innocent (1990, starring Harrison Ford); and Street Fighter (1994).

Some of Raul Julia's TV-movies were: Death Scream (1975); Mussolini, The Untold Story (1985); The Alamo, Thirteen Days to Glory (1987); Onassis, The Richest Man in the World (1988); and The Burning Season (1994), for which he was posthumously won an Emmy Award.

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