(1967; 1966; England; NR; 77m)

Plot: A scientist gets some lethal side effects when his teleportation machine is sabotaged.

Exec: Michael Klinger (Shout at the Devil)
Exec: Tony Tenser
(The Sorcerers; Hannie Caulder)
Prod: John Croydon (Fiend Without A Face; First Man Into Space)
Prod: Maurice Foster (The Jokers; The Lovers)
Dir: Ian Curteis (scr/TV's The Edwardians)
Asst Dir: Derek Whitehurst (Vampire Circus)
Asst Dir: Tom Sachs (pmgr/Vampire Circus)
Scr: John C. Cooper (First Man into Space; The Haunted Strangler)
Scr: Peter Bryan (Trog; Brides of Dracula)
Sto: Frank Quattrocchi
Cin: Stanley Pavey (Belles of St. Trinians; Mystery Submarine)
Ed: Derek Holding (Invasion; sfx/Konga)
SFX: Flo Nordhoff (prod/dir/Hands Up Mr. Rasnichi)
SFX: Robert Hedges and Mike Hope
Cos: Kathleen Moore
M/U: Eric Carter (The Red Shoes; Mother Riley Meets the Vampire)
ADir: Peter Mullins (Lassiter; Return of the Pink Panther)
Sound: Red Law (First Men in the Moon)
Sound: S.G. Rider
Score: Kenneth V. Jones (Horror of Snape Island)

Dr. Patricia Hill / Mary Peach (Scrooge; A Gathering of Eagles)
Dr. Paul Steiner / Bryant Halliday (818; Horror of Snape Island)
Dr. Blanchard / Norman Wooland (Fall of the Roman Empire)
Dr. Christopher Mitchell / Ronald Allen (The Fiend)
Inspector Davis / Derek Farr (The Circle; Doctor at Large)
Sheila Anderson / Tracey Crisp (Casino Royale; Press for Time)
Latham / Derrick de Marney (Things to Come; Private's Progress)
Dr. Lembach / Gerard Heinz (Devils of Darkness; The Man Inside)
Harry / Sam Kydd (111-Moon Zero Two; Passport to Pimlico)
Steve / Terry Scully (The Asphyx; Night Creatures)
Gloria / Norma West (Battle Beneath the Earth)
Dr. Wilson / Frank Gatliff (On the Beach; The Ipcress File)
Sgt. Martin / John Watson (Bartleby; Two A Penny)
security man / *Alfred Joint
girl / Rosemary Donnelly
boy / David Scheuer (Overlord)

Classic Line: "Lembach is staying in London for another four days."

Classic Line: "I succeed every time with an inanimate object. If only I could do the same thing with a living creature."

Classic Line: "Oh, I could do with a drink."
"You'll be getting somethin' more than a drink, when we get through with this, luv."

Trivia: Unsuccessful attempts at teleporation were much better portrayed in the 1958 movie The Fly and its sequels.

ALFRED JOINT a.k.a. Alf Joint had a small role in this movie, as he did in K10-COSMIC PRINCESS, 1964's Goldfinger, 1967's The Sorcerer, and 1971's Macbeth. He more often served as stunt co-ordinator for some famous movies: 1976's The Omen; 1977's A Bridge Too Far; 1978's Superman; 1981's An American Werewolf in London; 1983's Return of the Jedi; and 1987's Superman IV.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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