902 - THE PHANTOM PLANET (1961; NR; 82m)

Ad: Science Shocker of the Space Age!
See!! A 6 ft. astronaut shrink to 6 inches before your very eyes!
See!! The Moon Maidens!
See!! The attack of the Fire People!
Starring DOLORES FAITH, the Girl from Outer Space!

Plot: A stranded astronaut discovers that he's on an asteroid inhabited by a tiny alien race.

Exec: Leo A. Handel (dir/Patty)
Prod/Scr/Sto: Fred Gebhardt (524-12 to the Moon)
Prod/PDes: Robert Kinoshita (adir/317-Viking Women)
Dir/Scr: William Marshall (dir/Adventures of Captain Fabian)
Asst Dir/PSup: Maurice Vaccarino
(asst dir/912-The Screaming Skull; pmgr/315-Teenage Caveman)
Scr: William Telaak
Scr: Fred De Gorter (Dayton's Devils)
Cin: Elwood J. Nicholson
Asst Prod/Ed: Hugo Grimaldi (prod/211-First Spaceship on Venus;
prod/dir/420-The Human Duplicators;
ed/412-Hercules and the Captive Women)
Ed: Donald Wolfe (420; prod/dir/scr/The Savage Intruder)
SFX Cin: Louis DeWitt (317; Macabre; Kronos)
SFX: Charles R. Duncan (106-Crawling Hand; 108-Slime People)
Cos: Marla Craig (actor/The Saintly Sinners)
Cos: Oscar Rodriguez
(411-The Magic Sword; 809-I Was A Teenage Werewolf)
M/U: Dave Newell (Machine Gun Kelly; Johnny Tremain)
Set: Joseph Kish (419-The Rebel Set; L01-World Without End)
Sound Mixer: Al Overton
(912; 313-Earth Vs. the Spider; 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)
Sound FX: Walter Dick and Hayes Pagel
Score: Gordon Zahler
(211/412/420; 104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet)

Capt. Frank Chapman / Dean Fredericks (TV's Steve Canyon)
Liara / Coleen Gray (802-The Leech Woman; Johnny Rocco)
Herron / Anthony Dexter
(524; *416-Firemaidens From Outer Space; Valentino)
Zetha / Dolores Faith (420; Mutiny in Outer Space)
Sesom / Francis X. Bushman (*524; Sabrina; 1929's Ben Hur)
Lt. Makonnen / Richard Weber (524; Nothing But A Man)
Judge Eden / Al Jarvis (The Twonky; Make Believe Ballroom)
Col. Lansfield / Dick Haynes (Support Your Local Sheriff)
Pilot Leonard / Earl McDaniel (Hot Rod Gang)
Lt. White / Michael Marshall
Capt. Beecher / John Herrin
Lt. Cutler / Mel Curtis (Zombies of Mora Tau)
Navigator Webb / Jimmy Weldon (The Wrong Guys; Americathon)
communications officer / Akemi Tani
radar officer / Lori Lyons (420)
The Solarite / Richard Kiel (411/420*; 506-Eegah; Moonraker)
narrator / Marvin Miller
(210-King Dinosaur; 422-Day the Earth Froze)
narrator / Leon D. Selznick (412)
with Susan Cembrowska
Merissa Mathes (Blood Bath; Ride Beyond Vengeance)
Gloria Moreland (419; Here Come the Jets)
Judy Erickson
Marya Carter
Allyson Ames (Incubus; A House Is Not A Home)
Marion Thompson
Warrene Ott (If A Man Answers; The Black Zoo)

Trivia: The character Sesom is Moses spelled backward!

Last Updated: 6/7/1999

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