(1967; 1966; England; NR?; 83m)

Ad: "Hives of Horror!
Excited by the Smell of Fear, They Inflict Their Fatal Stings!"

Plot: Seeking rest and refuge, a pop singer stays on a remote island, where its inhabitants are being killed...by bees!

Prod: Max J. Rosenberg
(704-The Incredible Melting Man; The Terrornauts)
Prod: Milton Subotsky (The Terrornauts; The Psychopath)
Dir: Freddie Francis (Trog; won Oscar/cin/Glory)
Asst Dir: Anthony Waye (Star Wars; For Your Eyes Only)
Scr: Robert Bloch (Strait-Jacket; The Night Walker; sto/Psycho)
Scr: Anthony Marriott (No Sex Please, We're British)
Sto: H.F. Heard (based on his novel A Taste for Honey)
Cin: John Wilcox (Dr. Who and the Daleks; The Mouse That Roared)
Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter (Trog; The Psychopath)
SFX: Michael Collins (Blood from the Mummy's Tomb)
SFX: John Mackie
Cos: Adeline Gibbs
M/U: Jill Carpenter (A Passage to India; Barry Lyndon)
PSup: Ted Wallis (They Came From Beyond Space)
ADir: Bill Constable (Terrornauts; Dr. Terror's House of Horrors)
Set: Andrew Low (Anastasia; Lolita)
Sound Ed: Michael Pittcock
Sound Rec: Ken Rawkins (The Evil of Frankenstein)
Score: Wilfred Josephs (TV's The Prisoner; I, Claudius)
Song: Stop The Music (Leigh?)

Vicki Robbins / Suzanna Leigh (Deadlier than the Male)
Ralph Hargrove / Guy Doleman (Thunderball; Dial M for Murder)
H.W. Manfred / Frank Finlay*
David Hawkins / Michael Ripper (111-Moon Zero Two)
Doris Hawkins / Katy Wild (They Came From Beyond Space)
Mary Hargrove / Catherine Finn (The Creeping Flesh)
Vicki's agent / Maurice Good (Trog)
Inspector Thompson / John Harvey (The Psychopath)
Detective Hargrove / Tim Barrett (The Psychopath)
Compere / Anthony Bailey (Captain Nemo and the Underwater City)
Seagull Island coroner / James Cossins (Gandhi; The Anniversary)
Seagull Island police inspector / Alistair Williamson (The Gorgon)
S.I. doctor / Frank Forsyth (They Came From Beyond Space)
Dr. George Lang / Michael Gwynn (Village of the Damned)
Vicki's sister / Greta Farrer (The Psychopath)
secretary / Gina Gianelli (The Psychopath)

Classic Line: "The dog's meat. Have you seen it?"

Trivia: This movie has permanently branded MST3K's Prop Diva Beth "Beez" McKeever, who is now known around the studio as "the Deadly Beez."

Born in 1926, FRANK FINLAY has had a distinguished career on stage and screen. Usually in supporting roles, his notable movies include: 1962's The Longest Day starring John Wayne and Henry Fonda; 1963's Doctor in Distress with Dirk Bogarde; 1965's Othello which garnered Finlay an Oscar nomination and starred Laurence Oliver and Maggie Smith; 1966's The Jokers with Michael Crawford and Oliver Reed; 1968's The Shoes of the Fisherman starring Olivier and Anthony Quinn; 1970's Cromwell with Richard Harris and Alec Guinness; 1974's The Three Musketeers and its 1975 sequel The Four Musketeers, filmed simultaneously and starred Reed, Raquel Welch and Michael York; 1978's The Wild Geese with Harris and Richard Burton; 1982's Enigma with Martin Sheen; 1985's Lifeforce with Steve Railsback; and 1989's The Return of the Musketeers with York and Reed.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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