K09 - PHASE IV (1974; England; PG; 93m)

a.k.a. PHASE 4 (typo)

Ad: "When you can't scream anymore!"

Plot: Alarmed by destruction and pollution by humans, ants wage an organized attack against scientists in remote Arizona.

Prod: Paul B. Radin (Born Free; Living Free)
Dir: Saul Bass (title designer/Psycho)
Asst Dir: William P. Cartlidge (Born Free)
Scr: Mayo Simon (401-Space Travelers)
Cin: Dick Bush (Tommy; Victor/Victoria)
Cin: Ken Middleham (Bug)
Camera Op: Jack Mills
(909-Gorgo; Mysterious Island)
Camera Op: Dennis Lewiston (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Ed: Willy Kemplen (The Looking Glass War)
SFX: John Richardson (Moonraker)
Cos: Verena Coleman (The Darwin Adventure)
M/U: Freddie Williamson (Educating Rita; A Clockwork Orange)
PMgr: Eva Monley (Exodus)
ADir: John Barry (pdes/A Clockwork Orange; Star Wars; Superman)
Asst ADir: Norman Reynolds (adir/won Oscars/Star Wars, etc.)
Stills: Keith Hamshere (Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace)
Sound Rec: Norman Bolland (Superman)
Sound Dub Mixer: Bob Jones (Don't Look Now)
Sound Dub Ed: John Poyner (won Oscar/The Dirty Dozen)
Score: Brian Gascoigne (Blue Blood; Malachi's Cove)
Score: Stomu Yamashta (Tempest)

Ernest Hubbs / Nigel Davenport (Charley-One-Eye; Chariots of Fire)
James Lesko / Michael Murphy (Nashville; What's Up, Doc?)
Kendra / Lynne Frederick (Voyage of the Damned)
Eldridge / Alan Gifford (818-Devil Doll; The Electric Monster)
Clete / Robert Henderson (Too Young to Love; Funny Money)
Mrs. Eldridge / Helen Horton (Never Take Candy from a Stranger)

Trivia: Although its critical and box-office success in America was limited, PHASE IV did win 1975's Grand Prix at the International Festival of Science Fiction Films in Trieste, Italy.

Last Updated: 6/14/1999

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