(1982 TV-Movie; 1976 episodes; England; NR; 95m)

a.k.a. *SPACE: 1999
(TV series episodes THE METAMORPH and SPACE WARP)

Plot: After the Moon is torn from Earth's orbit, inhabitants of its lunar space station search for minerals on a distant planet Psychon, which is inhabited by a hostile alien and his daughter.

Exec: Gerry Anderson
(K01-Invaders from the Deep; K02-Revenge of the Mysterons)
Prod: Fred Freiberger (TV's Star Trek; scr/517-Beginning of the End)
Dir: Charles Crichton (The Battle of the Sexes; Law and Disorder)
Dir: Peter Medak (The Ruling Class; Zorro, the Gay Blade)
Scr: Charles Woodgrove; and Johnny Byrne (Heaven's a Drag)
Ed: Mike Campbell (Charley-One-Eye; Death Ship)
SFX: Brian Johnson (The Empire Strikes Back; Dragonslayer)
Cos: Emma Porteous (Octopussy; Supergirl; Clash of the Titans)
Cos: Rudi Gernreich (Exodus)
Cos: Eileen Sullivan (wardrobe/The Empire Strikes Back)
M/U: Basil Newall (You Only Live Twice; Superman; Zardoz)
M/U: Connie Reeve (Superman)
PMgr: Donald Toms (TV's Terrahawks)
PDes: Keith Wilson (K02; Yesterday's Hero; Slayground)
ADir: Michael Ford (set/The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi)
Score: Derek Wadsworth (A Child Is A Wild Thing)
Score: Barry Gray (K01/K02; Dr. Who and the Daleks)

Commander John Koenig / Martin Landau*
Dr. Helena Russell / Barbara Bain*
Maya / Catherine Schell (111-Moon Zero Two; Callan)
Mentor / Brian Blessed
(Star Wars: Episode 1-The Phantom Menace; TV's I, Claudius)
Annette Fraser / Anduska Hempel (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
1st Officer Tony Verdeschi / Tony Anholt (Fear Is The Key)
Captain Alan Carter / Nick Tate (The Devil's Playground)
Sandra Benes / Zienia Merton (The Chairman; Help!)
Dr. Ben Vincent / Jeffery Kissoon (Mahabharata)
Petrov / Peter Porteous (Octopussy; stunts/1004-Future War)
first security guard / Tony Osoba (A Game for Vultures)
second security guard/ John Judd (Scum; That Summer)
Refueling Eagle Pilot / Trevor Thomas (Horror Planet)
Grasshopper / Andrew Lodge (Revenge of the Pink Panther)
Bill Fraser / John Hug (TV's Monsignor Quixote; Operation Julie)
Lew Picard / Gerard Paquis (Shout at the Devil)
Ray Torens / Nick Brimble (Sweeney; Silver Dream Racer)
Dr. Bob Mathias / Anton Phillips
alien in cave / Roy Stewart (Live and Let Die; TV's I, Claudius)
overseer / Alf Joint (*901-The Projected Man; Goldfinger)

Classic Line: "Put me in restraints!"
Classic Line: "Destroy the moon, and you destroy yourself."

Trivia: The British television series SPACE: 1999 (1974-1976; 48 episodes) was the most expensive series at the time with a budget of $300,000 per episode, and is one of the rare live action series produced by the team of GERRY and SYLVIA ANDERSON, who usually produced marionette series like "Stingray" (episodes of which were shown in K01-INVADERS FROM THE DEEP); "Captain Scarlet" (episodes of which were shown in K02-REVENGE OF THE MYSTERONS; and "Thunderbirds". (Sylvia produced only the first season of "Space: 1999").

No American TV network would pick up this series, but it saturated most markets via syndication. Unfortunately, big bucks on sets and special effects alone could not breath life into "Space: 1999". The performances by the cast were wooden and unemotional, especially during the first season.

Having successfully co-starred in the TV series "Mission: Impossible" (1966-1973), the then husband-and-wife team of MARTIN LANDAU and BARBARA BAIN co-starred again in "Space: 1999". Bain was a former homecoming queen of the University of Illinois (this website author's alma mater) and won two Emmys for her performances in "Mission: Impossible". Although having success early in his career in movies like Cleopatra and North by Northwest, Landau recently made a comeback in these films: Tucker, the Man and His Dreams; the biopic Ed Wood, for which he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar; and the first feature film version of "The X-Files". (For more info on Wood, see 423-BRIDE OF THE MONSTER).

Last Updated: 6/14/1999

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