(original ABC TV-Movie title; 2/25/1977; NR; 93m)

a.k.a. SST: DEATH FLIGHT (variation)

Ad: "One Hour After Take Off...Suddenly It Happens!
The Inaugural Flight of America's First SST...
750 People Trapped by a Deadly Menace in a Supersonic Giant...
And No Airport in the World Can Let Them Land!"

Plot: Many familiar faces are among the passengers on the troubled inaugural flight of the supersonic Concord.

Prod: Ron Roth (Honky)
Dir: David Lowell Rich (The Concorde--Airport '79)
Scr: Meyer Dolinsky (Hot Rod Rumble; As Young As We Are)
Scr: Robert L. Joseph (Jack of Diamonds; Strategy of Terror)
Scr: William Roberts (The Magnificent Seven; Last American Hero)
Sto: Guerdon Trueblood (Jaws 3-D; The Last Hard Men)
Cin: Joseph Biroc
(309-The Amazing Colossal Man; 615-Kitten With A Whip)
Ed: Pembroke J. Herring (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas)
ADir: Peter M. Wooley (Cleopatra Jones; pdes/Blazing Saddles)
Score: John Cacavas (K15-Superdome; K19-Hangar 18; Airport '77)

Carla Stanley / Barbara Anderson (TV's Ironside)
Tim Vernon / Bert Convy (Cannonball Run; TV's Tattletales)
Paul Whitley / Peter Graves (*311-It Conquered the World;
418-Attack of the the Eye Creatures; 517-Beginning of the End;
811-Parts: The Clonus Horror; TV's Mission: Impossible)
Marshall Cole / Lorne Greene*
Anne Redding / Season Hubley (Escape from New York)
Meg a.k.a. May / Tina Louise (TV's Gilligan's Island)
Les Phillips / George Maharis (Exodus; TV's Route 66)
Hank a.k.a. Hal Fairbanks / Doug McClure (South Pacific; Gidget)
Willie Basset / Burgess Meredith (K20-The Last Chase; Rocky)
Lyle Kingman / Martin Milner (TV's Route 66; Adam 12)
Dr. Ralph Therman / Brock Peters (To Kill A Mockingbird)
Harry Carter / Regis Philbin (TV's Live with Regis and Kathie Lee)
Capt. Jim Walsh / Robert Reed (*607-Bloodlust; TV's Brady Bunch)
Nancy Kingman / Susan Strasberg (Picnic; The Trip; Psych-Out)
Angela Garland / Misty Rowe (Meatballs Part II)
David / Billy Crystal (City Slickers; TV's Soap; Saturday Night Live)
Bob Connors / John DeLancie (TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Kathy / Chrystie Jenner
Roy Nakamura / Robert Ito
(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; TV's Quincy)
Eric Brant / Tom Stewart (401-Space Travelers)
Mickey / Sherwood Price (The Errand Boy; Ice Station Zebra)
Eddy / Paul Napier (The Secret Life of an American Wife)
Linus / Tim Pelt (Serpico; The Cross and the Switchblade)
Controller Girard / Alain Patrick (Drum; Panama Red)
Governor Stensky / Richard Derr (When Worlds Collide)
reporter / Ric Carrott (Marathon Man; The Swinging Cheerleaders)
passenger / Shawn Randall (scr/The Lonely Lady)
passenger / Walter Maslow (420-Human Duplicators; Cosmic Man)

Trivia: Canadian-born LORNE GREENE (1915-1987) is best known for his role of Ben Cartwright on TV's Bonanza and Commander Adama on TV's Battlestar Galactica. From 1940 to 1953, he worked as the narrator for over fifty short films made in Canada, including 419S-JOHNNY AT THE FAIR.

Greene then went to Hollywood and starred in these films: 1954's The Silver Chalice with Jack Palance and Paul Newman; 1956's Autumn Leaves with Joan Crawford and Cliff Robertson; 1957's Peyton Place starring Lana Turner; 1961's The Errand Boy with Jerry Lewis; 1974's Earthquake with Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner; 1980's Klondike Fever with Rod Steiger; 1982's animated Heidi's Song; and 1986's Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter with Paul Sorvino and Abe Vigoda!!!

Besides appearing as a guest star on many television series, Greene also was in these TV-movies and mini-series: 1953's Othello; 1975's Nevada Smith starring Adam West; 1976's Arthur Hailey's The Moneychangers; 1977's Roots with Levar Burton; and 1987's The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory starring James Arness and Raul Julia.

Last Updated: 6/14/1999

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