(4/19/1996; 1995; PG-13; 73m)


Ad: "Every Year Hollywood Makes Hundreds of Movies. This Is One of Them!"

Plot: Bigger budget and bigger screen version of the hilarious and award-winning cable television series.

Prod/Dir/Scr: Jim Mallon (T01-TV's Mystery Science Theater 3000; dir/sto/M00-Blood Hook)
Assoc Prod/Scr/Model Builder: Trace Beaulieu (scr/T01; TV's America Funniest Home Videos)
Assoc Prod/Scr: Kevin Murphy (prod/scr/T01; key grip/m&l/M00)
Created by: Joel Hodgson (*T01; T02-The TV Wheel; sfx/Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; movie scr/George of the Jungle; Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves; Statical Planets)
Scr: Michael J. Nelson; Mary Jo Pehl; Paul Chaplin and Bridget Jones (all/T01)
Asst Dir: Marie Domingo (line prod/Homo Heights)
Cin: Jeff Stonehouse (T01)
Video Asst: Bradley J. Keely (tech sup/guest/T01)
Still Photo: Michael Kienitz (M00)
Ed: Bill Johnson (TV series Ally McBeal)
Asst Ed: David Keffer (TV's Beverly Hills 90210)
SFX: Paul Murphy (Fargo, Equinox)
SFX: Eric Howell (Snowbirds; Equinox)
SFX Opt: William Conner (Nixon)
Opt/Dig FX Prod: Peter Kuran (animator/Star Wars and sequels)
Opt Sup: David Emerson (Nixon; The Shadow)
Digital Sup: Brian Griffin (Nixon; The Shadow)
Dig FX: Kevin Kutchaver (animator/The Shadow)
Opt FX: Todd Hall (Nixon; The Shadow)
FX Ed: Jo Martin (Nixon; Addams Family Values)
Cos: Linda Froiland (With or Without You)
M/U: Andrea Jackson DuCane (T01)
M/U SFX: Robert I. Phillips
M/U SFX: Glen Griffin (Men in Black; TV's Laurel Avenue)
PMgr: Julie Hartley (Herman U.S.A.; prod/With or Without You)
Prod Coor: Marilyn Nave (Nixon)
PDes: Jef Maynard (T01)
ADir: Rando Schmook (My Cousin Vinny; Drop Dead Fred)
Set: Blakesley Clapp
Sound Design: Tom Naunas (score/singer/music/lyrics/M00)
Sound Re-rec: Ken Hahn (Night Flier)
Sup Sound Ed: Fred Street (audio post-prod/T01)
Key Prod Asst: Wendell Jon Andersson (dir/scr/With or Without You)
Props: Patrick Brantseg (T01)
Prop Builder: Crist Ballas (guest/T01; sfx mu/The Naked Man)
Prop Builder: Dale Mather, Dean Trisko
Prop Asst: Danica King, Leah Otto
Model Builder: Randy H. Herget
Puppet Wrangler: Helena Espinosa (guest/T01)
Puppet Builder: Robert Lane
Prod Acct: Tim Johnson (controller/T01)
Prod Asst: Barb Tebben (info club poobah/T01)
Prod Asst: Kimberly Terhorst (TV's Hercules and the Amazon Women)
Prod Asst: Adam Rueben
Unit Pub: Julie Walker (info club poobah/T01)
Unit Pub: Nancy Willen (Ghostbusters; Legal Eagles)
Score: Billy Barber
Song Composer: Charlie Erickson, Joel Hodgson (T01)
Instrumental Song: Love Theme From Mystery Science Theater 3000
Performed by: David Alvin (score/Border Radio)

Mike Nelson / Michael J. Nelson (T01)
Dr. Clayton Forrester and Crow T. Robot / Trace Beaulieu (T01; With or Without You)
Tom Servo / Kevin Murphy (T01)
Gypsy / Jim Mallon (T01)
Benkitnorf / John Brady (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II)

Classic Line: "Then I ram my ovipositor down your throat, and lay my eggs in your chest! But I'm not an alien!"

Trivia: Much of the material was performed live at 1994's Conventio-Con Expo Fest-A-Rama in front of folks from Universal Studios, various media honchos, and a couple thousand adoring fans. For specifics on the movie within the movie, see L02-THIS ISLAND EARTH.

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