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Episode guide: 907- Hobgoblins

Movie: (1987) Some not-too-bright teens pursue aliens — who make people’s dreams come true, then murder them — who have escaped from confinement.

First shown: 6/27/98
Opening: On the SOL, there’s a rash of unintentional on-turning
Intro: M&tB mistreat Pearl’s new couch, and soon regret it
Host segment 1: Crow presents: “Let’s Talk Women!”
Host segment 2: Bobo calls Crow’s crisis hotline
Host segment 3: Pearl is only briefly fooled by Mike’s cutouts
End: Servo has solved the Rick Sloane problem…or has he?; Pearl expresses her disappointment
Stinger: The hobgoblins enjoy a ride
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• Wow. Well, there are bad movies, there are really bad movies, and then there are bad movies like “Hobgoblins.” It’s one of those movies where somebody is sure to say “even the riffing couldn’t save it.” If nothing else, it’s memorable. The riffing is as good as it’s been all season and the segments are all pretty strong, and all that adds up to a great episode.
• Paul, who was doing these a lot at this point, offers thoughts here.
• This episode was included in Rhino’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 8.
• Producer Rick Sloan famously lobbied to get this movie on the show, something that didn’t happen often.
• Sloan revisits the movie in this video.
• The whole “on-turning” thing is brilliant.
• The intro is also a gem. We can’t have nice things.
• Crow, it’s pronounced “cerberus,” not “cerebus.”
• Among the more memorable credit sequences is the opening credit sequence, in which Mike is forced to corral the bots as they understandably attempt to flee the movie.
• In segment one, Mike is reading Dickens’ “Bleak House” as the scene opens, while Tom is reading Richard Scary’s equally gripping “What Do People Do All Day.”
• That’s Beez in the grainy photo Crow shows during segment 1.
• I like that the TV says “Stony.”
• Once funny, now dead references: JFK Jr.; Hunter Thompson.
• I was completely taken in by segment 2. Never saw the twist coming.
• Is my disk defective or does the sound cut out during the door sequence after segment 2?
• Naughty riff: “You’re the expert on that.”
• The run of “parking” riffs just gets funnier and funnier.
• Segment 3 is particularly funny to me because of the the three complete different reactions of Brain Guy, Pearl and Bobo. Reminds me a bit of some comment threads… :roll:
• I wonder if Rick Sloane began to regret offering this movie, after the infamous “interview” at the end of the movie.
• The closing bit is probably the weakest of all the segments, but even that one is pretty funny.
• No roundup this week: Nobody who worked on this movie did any other MSTed movies.
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Mike. After this episode, Mary Jo took then next two episodes off from the writing room–I’m guessing that was so she could head to the coast to do the “Gorgo” segments.
• Fave riff: “Aha! And what brisk witticism will this chappie have to offer?” Honorable mention: “o/` It’s the 80s… do a lotta coke and vote for Ronald Reagan…” o/`”

This Date in MSTory

1880: Basil Dickey, screenwriter for the season two serial THE PHANTOM CREEPS.
1898: Bess Flowers, who played a party guest in the movie in episode 808- THE SHE-CREATURE.
1921: Jack Marshall, musical score composer for the movie in episode 402- THE GIANT GILA MONSTER.
1930: Robert Easton, who played Dan Kester in the movie in episode 810- THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION, Mr. Keitel in episode 908- THE TOUCH OF SATAN and did the voices of Phones and X20 in the movie in episode K01- INVADERS FROM THE DEEP.
1930: Ricou Browning, who played the Gill Man (in underwater scenes) and a lab technician in the movie in episode 801- REVENGE OF THE CREATURE.*
1932: Joel Lawrence, who played a guide in the movie in episode 811- PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR.
1950: Stacey Koon, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 417- CRASH OF MOONS.*

1987: Clifford Vaughan (age 94), one of the uncredited musical score composers for the season two serial THE PHANTOM CREEPS.
1991: Klaus Kinski (age 65), who played President Boong in the movie in episode K18- THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU.
1999: Desmond Dhooge (age 75), who played a hitchhiker in the movie in episode 402- THE GIANT GILA MONSTER.
2003: Jack Pollexfen (age 95), producer/director for the movie in episode 409- INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN and producer/screenwriter for the movie “Monstrosity,” seen in episode 518- THE ATOMIC BRAIN.
2006: Nicholas Carras (age 84), composer of original musical score for the movie in episode 1002- GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS.
2007: Reg Park (age 79), who played Hecules in the movie in episode 412- HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN.

1994: episode 615- KITTEN WITH A WHIP first shown.
1995: Turkey Day version of episode 701- NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (with the short ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON) is shown. Mary Jo Pehl, playing Pearl Forrester, joins the regular cast.

1966: The movies seen in episodes 104- WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET and 619- RED ZONE CUBA are reviewed in Variety.
1967: The recently released movie “OPERATION KID BROTHER,” seen in episode 508- OPERATION DOUBLE 007 is reviewed by The New York Times.

This Date in MSTory is written and compiled by Steve Finley, Chris Cornell and Brian Henry. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce This Date in MSTory items in any form without express written permission from the authors.
* = According to the IMBD this person is alive. If you can supply evidence that he or she has died, and when, please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a birthday, the IMDB indicates that the person has died, but the IMDB does not have a full death date (probably just a month and year or just the year he or she died). If you can give us the exact date (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a death date, the IMDB does not have this person’s full birthday. If you can provide it (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Thanksgiving Guests

Bluefuego suggests:

With Turkey Day coming up, I am interested in which crew member, MSTed movie actor or MSTed movie character you would invite over for Thanksgiving dinner. Any crew member, any actor, from any period.

My pick would be Trace. Outside of Joel, he was heavily involved with the creation and continuation of MST3K and I always loved his style of humor. Hopefully he will bring Kim Cattrel, and she is wearing that dress from the Ace Awards.

Happy T Day to you and yours.

My choice is obvious: Batwoman.

Your pick?

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