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Welcome to the Umbilicus! Here you will find links to various MST3K-related sites on the Internet. If you don't see your site listed here, please email the name of the site, the URL, and a brief description of the site to Please also specify if your site contains adult material or links to sites with adult material. This information will not prevent your site from being listed, and will only be used to provide a parental guidance label.
Please note that the inclusion of a site does not necessarily mean that we endorse that site.

Update 11/09: This page was completely reorganized following the end of the domain (about dozen sites ceased to exist because of this). Even after those sites were removed, many of the remaining sites are apparently abandoned "ghost sites," and we are putting them in their own section. If you feel this designation is inaccurate, please let us know.

Current sites
(also sites the might be current, but we're not sure)
A personal web site for Info Club member #39974. Unclear how long since its last update.

Even Deeper Blurting
The long-running discussion board.

JoeCrow's Home Page
You can buy everything from single parts to completely built robots, or just look
up the directions to build your own.

MSTies Domain
Toolmaster Jef Zehnder's site of mayhem and wonder.

MST3K MeetUp
Find MSTies in your area.

The MST3K Review
Don and Forrest review every episode of MST3K. Also includes interviews with
Best Brains staffers and several articles.

MST3K at
The MST3K pages at the increasingly influential TV site.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fanvid and Live-production Database
A listing of every known MST3K fan-produced video and live performance,
with details, rumors, news, and how-to's.

Mystery Science Tulsa 3000
The maintainer of this site says: "The site chronicles the ongoing history of making
my fan movie." Unclear how long since its last update.

SpliceGirl's MST3K Pages
"A useless but loving tribute to my favorite show MST3K."
Unclear when it was last updated.

Tom's Temple of MST3K Stuff
Tom Noel's terrific MST3K site.

Wild Guy's MST3K Tape Trading club
An MST3K forum on the Yahoo! Groups.

Ghost Sites

The Australian MiSTie Site

Abandoned circa '98.

Cleverly Named MST3K Page
Abandoned circa '98.

Deus Ex Machina
Formerly the mother of all MST3K sites. Abandoned circa '98. 
FemmeCrow's MSTic Domain
Abandoned circa '00

Flying Elves Are Back!
Abandoned circa '05

Hypno-Helio Static Stasis (Now with X-4!)
Abandoned circa '96

Jody the Nanite's Border-line No Budget MST3K Page
Abandoned circa '02

MST3K Audio Files
Abandoned circa '07

MST3K "The Home Game"
Abandoned circa '02

 "Servo's Pants"
Abandoned circa '99

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Abandoned circa '00
Features transcript of the "Creepy Crawlers" sketch.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Web Page
Abandoned circa '00

Oh, the MSTieness!
Abandoned circa '98.

Picture This Quote
Abandoned circa '02

Ryan's MST3K Movies
This is the site of the guy who did the infamous "Star Trek V" and "Highlander 2" MSTings. You can still order them. He has cancelled plans for a third MSTing. Updates appear to have ceased.

The User-Friendly MST Site
Abandoned circa '99