R. Wright Campbell

CARMEL, CA--Robert Wright Campbell, best known in the entertainment world as the author of novels, plays and scripts for movies and TV, but best known to MSTies as the author of the screenplay for the movie in episode 315- TEENAGE CAVEMAN, died Sept. 21, 2000. He was 73. He wrote 27 novels, 19 of them mysteries, 14 screenplays and four stage plays.

His 1957 screenplay "The Man with a Thousand Faces" was nominated for an Academy Award and his novel "The Spy Who Sat and Waited" was nominated for the 1976 National Book Award. In 1987, Campbell won the Edgar Allen Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America for "Junkyard Dog," the first of his "Jimmy Flannery" novels. Early in his career, Campbell several screenplays for director Roger Corman, including Corman's first film, "Five Guns West," in 1955.

Campbell was credited by some with coining the term "La-La Land" for Southern California, giving the region the name in his detective novel "In La-La Land We Trust," published in 1986.