Gloria Talbott

GLENDALE, CA--Gloria Talbott, an actress for most of the first half of her life, died here Sept. 19, 2000. MSTies will recall her as Mamie Van Doren's tough-talking, judo-throwing roommate in episode 601- GIRLS TOWN and as the suspicious, hair-challenged Sally "NEIL!!!" Howard in episode 802- LEECH WOMAN. She was 69.

Talbott was born February 7, 1931, in Glendale, a town co-founded by her great-great-grandfather. Her hometown's proximity to Hollywood studios was part of what led her to an interest in acting, first in school theatricals and then landing bit parts as a child in several movies, including "Sweet and Lowdown" (1943) and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1945). Most of her adult film work was in westerns, but she also did a number of films with people familiar to MST3K fans, including Edgar Ulmer's "Daughter of Dr. Jekyll" (1957), Bert I. Gordon's "The Cyclops" (1957) and Gene Fowler's Jr.'s infamous "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" (1958). However, most of her work was in television, where she appeared in dozens of series, again predominately westerns.

Talbott's film career ended in 1966 when she married and quit show business.