1952 (Invasion USA; Magic Voyage of Sinbad; Project Moon Base.)

  • 02/22 Robert Strange (age 70) who played Prof. Blaine in the move in episode 103- THE MAD MONSTER.
  • 08/18 Ralph Byrd (age 43) who played Bob Simpson in the move in episode 203- JUNGLE GODDESS and Static in episode 520- RADAR SECRET SERVICE.
  • Date in October unknown David Smart (age unknown), producer of the short "ARE YOU READY FOR MARRIAGE?" seen in episode 616- RACKET GIRLS.
  • 10/31 Frank Heath (age 60), assistant director for the movie in episode 201- ROCKETSHIP X-M.
  • 11/18 Lev Fenin (age unknown) who played a Varangian leader in the movie "Sadko" shown in episode 505- MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD.