MST3000 Opens

by Tom Servo

Okay! Here we go! Are you ready for some FOOTBALLLL! I thought not. But are you ready for some MST? Eh? Of course you are! That got you goin'! Welcome then to this new and super-nifty MST Web site, courtesy of your friends and mine at the Sci-Fi Channel. We'll be here with you throughout the new season, chattering, yukking, kibitzing right along side you hearty web-sters and inter-lopers! As our show launches onto the Sci-Fi cable waves, park your mouse here for the latest news and views about your favorite show! Oh, and there'll be information about MST as well. Kidding! I'm kidding, it's a joke!

MST on Sci-Fi is our biggest, boldest and tangiest MST season ever! Freed from the clutches of Dr. Forrester, only to be pursued by his mom! Ever been pursued by a mom! You know what I'm saying, people! Follow us through the Sci-Fi cosmos as we meet creatures of frightening features, do battle with clichés, match wits with tired plotlines, uncover horrid actors and lame monsters, and maybe, just maybe, learn a little about ourselves.

Scully? A guy named FOX?!? Never heard of 'em. Gimme Tom and Crow and Gypsy and Mike and Pearl and The Rest! Gimme movies like Revenge of the Creature and Leech Woman!

So to paraphrase an overweight Englishman whose name escapes me, "Welcome back my friends to the show that (seemingly) never ends!" Oh, and "Oooh, what a lucky man he was."

[Posted 02/97]

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