A Robot's Almanac for February

This is Thomas Servo with the Robots Almanac for February.

  • In 873, cheese was invented by a convulsive dairy farming serf in the central lowlands of England, in a town which is now called Wessex-On-Cheese.
  • In 1380, a medieval water-driven literary machine.
  • In 1994, robots discovered a new species of tree kangaroo.
  • Also in 1994, a robot clubbed skater Nancy Kerrigan, although credit was taken by whiny, glory grabbing chunk of psuedo-feminine gristle Tonya Harding. Hunh.
  • In 1994, a Robot named Dante2 fearlessly went into the belly of a volcano in Alaska and nearly gave up its life. And for what? So that Pierce Brosnan and Linda "Biceps" Hamilton could steal its glory and make a really dumb movie.
[posted 02/98]

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