The Crow FAQ

by Crow T. Robot

Hi there, friends! Crow T. Robot here welcoming you to the MST 3K web page!

You know, while I had this opportunity I thought I'd address some of the frequently asked questions that people ask me, well, frequently. Here they are, along with my frequent answers:

1. What does the "T" in "Crow T. Robot" stand for? Alas, it stands for "The." But I'm getting a little bored with that, and am considering changing it to something more substantial. Under consideration: "Tyrannosaurus," "Theremin," "Transcendental" and "Tim."

2. Who in show biz has been your greatest inspiration? It's a toss-up between Miles Davis and Miles O' Keefe.

3. Who do you admire most from history? That would have to be Mahatma Gandhi. And probably for the same reasons that so many other people admire him: his scrappiness under the boards. Definitely not a slouch on his outside jumpers, either. But pound-for-pound one of the best defensive players the NBA has ever produced.

4.What projects do you have coming up? I'm glad you asked. Look to your local branch of whatever multi-tentacled corporate bookstore chain you prefer for my upcoming seven-volume biography, "Remembrance of Things Crow," which traces my roots from a humble mining town in Wales, to my Tin-Pan-Alley days, all the way to my complete world domination of all media, everywhere, forever. (I've taken some poetic license with the "facts," but I think it's far more "truthful" that "way.") Also, I'm currently editing my next picture, "Reservoir Crows," which tells the violent-but-pop-culture-soaked tale of the seedy characters who manage our town's water supply.

5. Can you tell us your recipe for happiness? No.

6. I ask again, can you tell us your recipe for happiness? No! Please, leave me alone or I'll call security.

Nice visiting with you! Now get in there and enjoy the heck out of this website!

[Posted 6/97]

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