Social Notes From Crow

by Crow T. Robot

Michael J. Nelson was a guest at Tom Servo's Thursday last. "Mike" happens to be living on the same satellite as Mr. Servo, so it was thought to be convenient that he could stop by. They enjoyed baloney sandwiches.

Mike returned the favor the very next night, that being Friday, and feted Tom Servo with a delicious casserole. The games Mike brought out were enjoyed.

Saturday saw them both back at Mr. Servo's, with crackers, walleye fingers, little sandwiches, a soup buffet, movies and many fine sodas. Gypsy dropped by as well, and later described the evening as "frolicsome." She remarked that three together is perhaps the ideal number for a swell party.

Servo, Gypsy and Mike dined together frequently the next three days in a row. There was even a jolly picnic! Asked to characterize the event, Mike said, "Oh it wasn't anything. I don't think you were around."

Mike, Tom and Gypsy report no particular plans for this evening, although they must check their calendars and so can't commit to a party being arranged by Crow T. Robot, who is also on the Satellite.

The constant temperature has been a joy. Bye bye!!

[posted 8/97]

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