Greetings from Observer

Greetings, you creatures pathetically far down the evolutionary ladder from myself! I welcome you to this "website," this extraordinarily crude form of technology which apparently has most of you all hot and bothered and convinced that you have entered into some demi-paradise of global communication. What poppycock!

Especially when you compare it to what myself and those like me achieved eons ago. For we are those entities unbound by space or time! We are have no names. We are simply fractals of a larger thought collective; part of an omniscient "neural net," if you will.

To you lesser beings, I reveal myself as an "Observer." And to really, really lesser beings, I seem to inspire the moniker "Brain Guy." Which I absolutely loathe, but...

But no matter. We are beyond words...and really dumb, maddeningly insulting nicknames. For we are like amoebas compared to you!...No wait, reverse that.

And we are indeed all-knowing. We are quite literally infallible. Having masterred the very essense of all things -- fisical, mentil, and spirittual - there is literully no way we ccan ever be in eror.

So - put that in your corporeal pipe and smoke it. But when your tiny mind aches too much from trying to comprehend me, give your unevolved self a break and enjoy this primitive yet amusing web site.

[posted 10/97]

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