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This Date in MSTory

1881: Arthur Kay, one of the musical score composers for the season four serial UNDERSEA KINGDOM.
1887: John Hamilton, who played Prof. Cushman in the movie in episode 702- THE BRUTE MAN.
1903: Peter Brocco, who played Krog in the season one serial RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON.
1907: John Hiestand, who played a TV newscaster in the movie WORLD WITHOUT END, the movie riffed in MST3K’s first live show.
1908: Ethel Merman, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 411- THE MAGIC SWORD.
1909: George Gittens, editor for the movie in episode 809- I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF.
1920: Steve Conte, who appeared in the movie in episode 515- THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN.
1938: Michael Pataki, who played Tony in the movie in episode K15- SUPERDOME, J.C. in the movie in episode 202- THE SIDE HACKERS and Sgt. Ward in the movie in episode 1010- IT LIVES BY NIGHT.
1944: Jim Stafford, who played Joe “Buffalo Bill” Hickens in the movie in episode 814- RIDING WITH DEATH.*

1974: Newell P. Kimlin (age 60), editor for the movie in episode 510- THE PAINTED HILLS.
1981: Bernard Lee (age 73), who played Commander Cunningham in the movie “Operation Kid Brother,” seen in episode 508- OPERATION DOUBLE 007.
1986: Holger Harrivirta (age 70), assistant director of the movie in episode 422- THE DAY THE EARTH FROZE.
1987: Earl Wilson (age 79), who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 505- THE MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD.”
1993: Glenn Corbett (age 62), who played Neil Stryker in the movie in episode 305- STRANDED IN SPACE.
1993: Phil Chambers (age 76), who played Dr. Paul Stuart in the movie in episode 803- THE MOLE PEOPLE.
2013: Abagail Van Buren, aka “Dear Abby” (age 94), who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 311- IT CONQUERED THE WORLD.

1993: episode 422- THE DAY THE EARTH FROZE (with the short “Here Comes The Circus” ) first shown.

1994: The winners of the Cable Ace awards are announced. “Mystery Science Theater 3000” is nominated for best comedy series, best writing in a comedy series and best art direction for a comedy series, but does not win in any category.

This Date in MSTory is written and compiled by Steve Finley, Chris Cornell and Brian Henry. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce This Date in MSTory items in any form without express written permission from the authors.
* = According to the IMBD this person is alive. If you can supply evidence that he or she has died, and when, please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a birthday, the IMDB indicates that the person has died, but the IMDB does not have a full death date (probably just a month and year or just the year he or she died). If you can give us the exact date (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a death date, the IMDB does not have this person’s full birthday. If you can provide it (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Darwin Awards–MST3K Edition

Another example of a WDT coming out of this week’s episode guide entry:

“Kansas” said:

?While Marvin wasn’t too bright, the dumbest character in the movie was the crook who thought he could take on a gunman (with two guys backing him up) with a blackjack. Give that man a Darwin Award.??

To which “Sitting Duck” replied:

?That would make a good Weekend Discussion. The Darwin Awards: MST3K Edition.?

Good idea!! I’d pick the various people who hurl themselves against Tor in “Bride of the Monster.” Don’t make me laugh.

What’s your pick?

New Short from RiffTrax

Stream or download it here.

Episode guide: 618- High School Big Shot (with short: ‘Out of this World’)


Short: (1954) Industrial film aimed at keeping bread truck drivers on the straight and narrow.
Movie: (1959) A high school dweeb agrees to take part in a heist to win the favor of a hot but dumb classmate.

First shown: 12/10/94
Opening: Mike has a headache, and the bots are no help
Intro: Frank clones a dinosaur, while Crow mixes a potion that makes Tom Servo huge!
Host segment 1: M&tB have a suggestion: “specialty breads”
Host segment 2: Crow and Tom egg Mike, and don’t understand what they did is wrong
Host segment 3: Crow and Tom try to break into Gypsy’s diary
End: Mike reads a letter while the bots reenact the end of the movie, Dr. F. gives the dino something to chew on
Stinger: “A million bucks!”
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (206 votes, average: 4.25 out of 5)

• I’d say this one is hit and miss. Admittedly, the short is strange, but it’s a little long and it feels to me like their riffing kind of runs of out of steam toward the end. The movie is just a bit too drab for me, and while the riffing is great in some places, it kind of dies down in others. The host segments are hit-and-miss as well.
• This episode will come out in the spring as part to Shout’s Vol. XXXVIII.
• Suddenly Crow’s arms work, just in time for cymbal practice.
• Mike really does suffer from chronic headaches, as he said in this New York Times piece.
• “Jurassic Park” had been out for more than a year, so a bit about a cloned dinosaur was hardly a brand new idea, but I do like Frank patiently saying “No…no…bad boy…” as Dr. F is devoured.
• Props to Jef Maynard on giant Servo. Movie bad!
• Servo sums up how the short was used with his line right at the end of the short.
• Segment 1 is sort of a state park joke of a segment. Yes, the bread truck driver was kind of a dork. We get it.
• Segment 2 gets off a cute punchline … then keeps on going for some reason.
• Callback: “Might as well have Mitchell for a dad.”
• Non-spaghetti ball bumpers: Bulletin board, book, beaker.
• That’s Stanley Adams, the poor man’s Jackie Gleason, as they wry safe cracker.
• Segment three is kind of dud, but I do like the obscure reference to the ’60s TV show “T.H.E. Cat” which I absolutely LOVED when I was kid (so of course it was canceled). Oh and props to Jef again for the great blown up bots in this segment.
• Mayhem in the theater: Tom does a “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” joke once too often and Mike hurls him out of the theater.
• That sounds like Kevin as the voice of the dinosaur at the end. Kind of similar to his killer shrew voice.
• Cast and crew round-up: I am not going to do the Roger Corman litany again. Cinematographer: John Nicholaus Jr. also worked on “Attack of the Giant Leeches” and “Night of the Blood Beast.” Editor Carlo Lodato worked on “Attack of the Giant Leeches.” Makeup guy Harry Thomas also worked on “Night of the Blood Beast,” “The Mad Monster;” “Project Moon Base,” “The Unearthly,” “Bride of the Monster,” “Invasion USA” and “Racket Girls.” Set designer John F. Burton also worked on “The Girl in Lovers Lane” and “12 to the Moon.”
In front of the camera: Malcolm Atterbury is also in “I Was A Teenage Werewolf,” Peter Leeds was also in “Girls Town.” Byron Foulger was also in “The Rebel Set.” Bobby Hall was also in “Bloodlust.” Bill Coontz was also in “The Girl in Lovers Lane” and “Bloodlust!”
• CreditsWatch: Host segments directed by Jim Mallon. It’s with this episode that Julie Walker stops being called “Info Club Coordinator” and becomes “Info Club Poobah.” Bagpipe music: Peter B. Dysart.
• Fave riff from the short: “Make sure you stock your TRUCK UP, so that you don’t … well, you know…” Honorable mention: “I’m starring in Forever Plaaaaiiiid.”
• Fave riff from the movie: “How’s the German-expressionist date going?” Honorable mention: “I hate it when his face lights up.”

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies: The Musical

Alert regular Timmy asks:

I went to see “Wicked” a few weeks ago. During the play, I thought, what movie from the show would make a good musical. I thought: “Manos” (Torgo sings a song to his theme) and “Daddy-O” (like “Grease”) There WAS no “Monster A Go Go” play. So what’s yours?

Oh I think “Fugitive Alien: The Musical” is already half-written. But the budget would be taken up buying blonde wigs.

Another New RiffTrax from Bridget and Mary Jo

Stream or download it here.

New Short from RiffTrax

Stream or download it here.

Episode guide: 617- The Sword and the Dragon

Movie: (1956) A Russian hero leads the fight against invading Mongols.

First shown: 12/3/94
Opening: Tom leads Mike and Crow in a game Dungeons & Dragons
Intro: The Mads get a visit from their new neighbors in Deep 12, and ask M&TB to entertain; they soon regret it
Host segment 1: “A joke by Ingmar Bergman”
Host segment 2: M&tB reenact the table cloth making scene
Host segment 3: Ilya Murametz visits on the Hexfield
End: Gypsy’s review of the musical, The Mads have been on a date
Stinger: The wind demon takes a dive
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (198 votes, average: 4.33 out of 5)

• Of course, this is the third of the Ptushko Russo-Finnish trilogy, starring a lot of the same people as “Day the Earth Froze” and “Magic Voyage of Sinbad.” Like the other two, it’s based on Russo-Finnish mythology/legend, is a very pretty and clearly very expensive movie and is completely OUT THERE. The riffers have plenty to work with here and the riffing almost HAS to be good, and it is. The host segments are fun…mostly.
• You can find this episode in Shout’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Vol XXIV.
• When this first aired, it was the fourth new episode in 10 days. MSTies were delirious. It went back to the more typical weekly schedule after this, and within months the show was to go away for quite a while, but this embarrassment of riches was nice while it lasted.
• The opening segment is wacky fun, though “I must take my own life” is probably not the funniest punchline, especially for a sketch about this topic.
• The first time I saw this, when Mike said “Mordor and Rivendell” I said “Those are places!” right along with Tom. What a Tolkien nerd I am.
• In fact the Mads are also very nerdy this week, what with the comic books in plastic bags and the fear of girls.
• That’s Mary Jo (in Deep 13 for the second week in a row) and Bridget, of course, as the girls from Deep 12. Never did find that laundry room, I’m guessing…
• “Supercalifragilisticexpeali-wacky!” is sort of The Capital Steps meets Mark Russell. So, not really funny at all.
• When Servo riffs: “I’m Mike Wallace,” it’s because the writers thought the movie’s narrator really sounded like late “60 Minutes” reporter. But, guess what: Wallace did a lot of things in his career (he was even a game show host) and there’s a reason that voice sounds like him–It really is him!
• Non-spaghetti ball bumpers: Book, bulletin board, film canister.
• Segment 1 was much discussed in the forums. It moved too slowly for some people. Also, not everybody knew who Ingmar Bergman was, and not everybody was familiar with the Upper Midwestern tradition of “Sven and Ole” jokes. So it took some explaining.
• Callback: o/` “Heeey, it’s the undersea kingdom…” o/`
• Call-forward: a “Legend of Boggy Creek” mention.
• Segment 2 is very silly, and another chance for Gypsy to shine. I love the lyrics to her song.
• As for segment 3, well, let’s just give Kevin credit for committing to the bit. “HAM,” indeed!
• Cast and crew roundup: With a few exceptions, everybody here either worked on The Day The Earth Froze (I’ll call it “Day”) and “Magic Voyage of Sinbad” (I’ll call it “Sinbad”). If they worked on both, I’ll just say “both.” Producer/director Aleksandr Ptushko of course worked on both. Cinematographer Fyodor Provorov worked on “Sinbad.” Special effects director Aleksei Renkov worked on “Day.” Costumer Olga Kruchinina worked on “Sinbad.” Production designer Yevgeni Kumankov was art director on “Sinbad.” Music conductor: S. Sakharov worked on “Day, as did score composer Igor Morozov.
In front of the camera Yelena Myshkova was in “Sinbad.” as were Sergei Stolyarov and Sovol Martinson. Buncha commies, the lot of ’em, I’m sure.
One other note: the voice of Kalin and several other voices in this are provided by the great Paul Frees, who wrote and directed “The Beatniks” and whose voice pops up in several other MSTed movies.
• CreditsWatch: Host segments directed by Kevin Murphy. Mike wrote the music for “Supercalafragalisticexpialawacky!!!” The entire staff wrote the lyrics.
• Fave riff: “This baby can handle everything but a three-headed drago-…aw, son of a…” Honorable mentions: “Finland’s annual emotional outburst” and “Kiss your aunt Bernice.”

RIP Ann Graves

BURBANK, CALIF– Anne Yarbrough Graves, for whom Hollywood appearances were only part of an incredibly full life, died quietly at a hospital “after a valiant but mercifully short battle with cancer.” She was 76.

MSTies will remember her performance (using the stage name Ann Graves) as Princess Laura in the movie in episode 411- THE MAGIC SWORD. She did another movie and four TV series appearances, before leaving acting for a fascinating life, detailed here. No really, you should read it.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.